Of course all great people are socialist

@Budwick Yep, North Korea has been a rat hole for over 50 years now. Bad place, rotten leadership. And doing what previous...

This is about the perpetuation of corrupt governments for the sole purpose of controlling citizens and luting the tax roles. Government is generally just a bad idea, but big government is a worse idea. Trump is no better than Obama taking his executive powers too far. When Trump drools over how "tough" Kim is and how "smart" he is, you know he is taking how-to lessons to further his own power.

Do you believe the theory Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene?
@StarzAbove You're very wrong. Jesus was pure and holy and without sin. You might want to read the Bible instead of making...

Why do you people all think sucking a little cock physical love is a sin? There is nothing impure or unholy about demonstrating your love for another human through anal sex touching or gentle caressing.

Seriously what is the big deal? No wonder the world is so messed up, you people honestly think that it is an insult to be associated with a tender loving act but that refusing to change the name of a football team after being literally begged by the people it offends is somehow patriotic?

What the fuck heck, get a life you homophobes!

Freedom of speech

OK smelly finger boy

Do you believe the theory Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene?
@Budwick You responded with - "Washing the Feet" is a well documented euphemism equivalent to today's "dropping the...

What! Since when is homosexual behavior performed by a loving god between himself and his best buddies bad? It is not the least bit demeaning or blasphemous. How can you love your homosexual god and not respect his well documented sexual orientation? That, my friend, is totally blasphemy and you should be ashamed for speaking out against his lifestyle.

SHE was a LOOKER too! only a LIBERAL would believe anything a lady says you SIR are SMART

Do you believe the theory Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene?

Well no. Other than the obvious: 1) he lived, traveled, slept , dined, and discourse only with men (and Mary) 2) The "boys" were jealous of Mary 3) "Washing the Feet" is a well documented euphemism equivalent to today's "dropping the soap".

But as you know, you're not going to find "and then thye suckth each other off" anywhere in King James.

@Len A surprise to hopefully no one, not all rich people make their fortune off the backs of the poor or through some...

This post is not a moral judgment of people. I agree some rich people are nice and fair. This post is a condemnation of property. The concept of property is a misguided understanding of the laws of nature. We cannot "own" things. Anyone who claims to own their wealth has stole it from the earth. They have taken it from its intended purpose, to be shared by the inhabitants of the earth. The bounty of the earth is not to be kept for the sole benefit of any individual. That is what I meant.

If You Accept The Premise That Obama Does Not Like America, Everything Suddenly Seems To Make Sense!
@Budwick I noticed that you did not disagree with the premise how ever.

Sorry Budwick, but America is far better off today than when Bush left office. Those are facts. Every indicator says so.

The biggest check is term limit on president. Unless a president manages a coup-d'etat all he or she will get is 8 years.


Good one. Pay attention while fingering their anuses.

If "poor children" in the USA are so under fed, why are there so many FAT kids in "poor" neighborhoods
@Dami That's easy. EBT.

Nope. It is because you rich ladies refuse to shop in the cities so the "whole foods" and the "costcos" build in the suburbs. Poor people have to buy Utz potato chips and canned meat because the corner store can't make a profit selling apples and chickens that spoil overnight.


Including date rape?

@TheCensoredBrit Really? You have to ask that question? Is this a troll post or are you serious?

The topic is dating. Not thing of any activity on a date that is "necessary" as Bozette suggested.