I agree that self-ownership is key, all interactions must be voluntary and government coercion is to be avoided at all cost. I DO NOT agree that private ownership is a required part of this.
We do not need private ownership to be self-determined, self-fulfilled or self-actualized.

Try to imagine a world were all "things" were shared - it would be heaven on earth. The desire to have your own "stuff" separate from everyone elses "stuff" is the root of all evil. Share and share alike. What is mine is yours, loaves and fishes, whatever you want to call it, covetous behavior is inherently unethical.

Private ownership is a propaganda plot by the masters to keep us enslaved, it is the moral equivalent of "tossing the dog a bone".

What is a question for the opposite sex that you'd like to have answered?
@Wunderscore Okay, additional question: the how the hell do you wear clothes or walk or play sports?

Boxers (or commando) most of the time, but "lifting them gently" as in a jockstrap is ok. Some girls want to squeeze them like they are checking a plum to see if it is ripe. That's a no-no for me. Clothes and underpants don't usually squeeze, they just lift, except speedos and some whitey-tighties, which can bang the boys together like a rack of Newton Balls.
I ask the same question, those guys must be either nutless or numb.

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What is a question for the opposite sex that you'd like to have answered?
@Wunderscore How much pressure can be applied to testicles before it hurts?

Probably different for each guy. For me its is none. you can gently lift them, but any more than the slightest pressure is uncomfortable.

What is a question for the opposite sex that you'd like to have answered?
@Wunderscore What does the inside of a vagina feel like to your penis?

You cannot imagine it I am sure. Try this, sandpaper your finger until nearly raw and very sensitive. Now place a whole calves liver in a baby bottle warmer. When the liver is up to temperature, cut a small slit in the flesh and slip your highly sensitized finger in there.

It feels like a thousand times better than that.

Enjoyment and dissatisfaction are completely independent of wealth.

So if it were possible to clone yourself and have sex with yourself would it be incest or masturbation and why?

I name all my clones Floyd or Lloyd, except those named Clyde, oh and the one named Cindy.

That's like asking: if everyone in the city stared breathing faster where will the air come from? Or, if the waves on Laguna Beach get higher where will all that extra water come from?
Money is in circulation, it is a finite amount, but it is such a vast amount that it simply pours in to fill the void. No one would even notice, unless they are specifically looking and even then they will be unable to "chart" the flow from one area to another.

So if it were possible to clone yourself and have sex with yourself would it be incest or masturbation and why?

So a three way? Her, you and Floyd?


"Awesome demonstration of knives," said the sheep, just before the slaughter


Guess what? They did not have war planes when they wrote the Bill of Rights. The purpose of the amendment was to keep the government from intimidating the people with a show of military strength.

This isn't Nazi Germany where the armed forces march in parade fashion down the streets and the people blindly cheer "hooray for the fuhrer!" Is this Orwell's 1984 or Jong-un's DPRK? No it is not ! This should be a free country, free from having government war plane buzz our cities like they freaking do in freaking Moscow.

I never felt the way I felt with you before I felt like I was flying in the sky like million hearts kissed me and thousand of teddy bears were hugging my body....we only talked for two hours on the phone but really felt like so much less time flied so fast and my heart beat went even faster it is probably one of my favorite days I only now met you but yet you taught me so much so much about love which I didn't know and after you told me about it you made me feel it too I could feel my heart slipping into pieces when you said I don't forgive you suddenly every thing got black around me,I was in a dark whole stuck in there and couldn't get out I know I hurt you freaking bad so I got crazy I took my arm and bite it with my teeth until I could feel the pain I could feel so much pain inside and out it was crazy but still it wasn't enough I took the tweezers and cut my arm did it slowly so it would be more painful I know I didn't give you physical pain but that's the only kind of pain I could give to myself...I'm sorry for harming myself but I'm sorry for making you hurt as hell but it wasn't the end I started punching and punching my arm still not the end I slapped myself so hard that my arm was read I felt like it was bleeding but the truth was that my heart was freaking after all that I get a text that says you told me not to like you I didn't know what to say cause you were right that's what I sayd again and again but I'm sorry I Said it twice the times but you ignored my apologize and left me cry for you my whole life.. What do you think bout this?
Ukraine has just declared war with Russia, if Russia is going to invade, what will they do... What will we do?

Governments are a bad idea

If Saudi Arabia can tow an iceberg from Antarctica, why can't California tow one from Alaska?
Any easy quick ways to torture yourself at home?
@theelliegirl to do it

1) Capture several mosquitoes in a jar

2) place the jar over your genitalia until said mosquitoes are satiated any your gnards are tender and swollen

3) deny yourself the right to any sexual activity of any kind including the right to "touch yourself" down there

4) Cry like a baby

That should do it

African people are considered a "race". Caucasians are a "race". Asians are a "race". But western hemisphere aboriginals are considered a "breed".
@Anita_Robin Why? Affirmative action? Segregation? Entitlements? Political map making?

Not saying its a good thing, I just believe that the peoples that were found living in the "new world" by the European settlers are considered to be a "race" by most people.
I am quite sure that the aboriginals in Australia and New Zealand are considered an inferior race by most of the European descendants.

It is a very sad and horrific situation that needs to be addressed. Each subsequent generation needs to reinforce that we are all one people.