Does someone's political view impact how you see them as a person?

Of course. Every aspect of a person affects how I see them. That doesn't mean I would treat them differently, but it is certainly part of my perception of them.

Which ice-cream flavor describes your personality?

Pistachio, because I am nutty

The weather always seems to affect my mood. (rain=rethink my life or sunshine=loving life)

I like the rain

Which Presidential candidate do you want to see win the election and why? (There is a link to all the current candidates)
@Budwick I see. So, which radical Christian do you suspect will be responsible for this wild west scenario of yours?

I still have faith that American people would never stoop to allowing a radical Christian to be elected, even if the media overlords deem it in their best interest to do so.

If You Accept The Premise That Obama Does Not Like America, Everything Suddenly Seems To Make Sense!

I think you need to look inward then. All indicators say American's are better off today than they were when Bush's term ended. That's just simple fact.

@Budwick Do you find that to be true of atheists as well?

Of course. By definition indoctrination results in distorted perspective. As far a religion goes, for some reason unbeknownst to me, we seem to live in a world where objective truths can still be controversial subjects.

Most people on Amirite are a bunch of uneducated idiots, lacking intellectually...except for Budwick, of course.

I said "many" not "most". There are more than two, so to me that is many.

If You Accept The Premise That Obama Does Not Like America, Everything Suddenly Seems To Make Sense!

Here's what I know:

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Personally my retirement plan is fat, my healthcare costs have only gone up 4% this year (as opposed to 8-10% per year under Bush) and my paycheck is 30% larger than it was 3 years ago.

How about you? Does your life suck so bad?

@TheCensoredBrit Shit.... I'm so sorry.

No prob. Glad we cleared that up. I kept rereading my comments to make sure I was not going crazy. :)

@TheCensoredBrit And you think date rape is?

Something is gone awry here. I said "just stop" Two other comments suggested, essentially, keep going. I asked them if they condoned date-rape then? I do not, I was the one who said "stop" ! they disagreed, you and I agree.

@TheCensoredBrit And? What does that have to do with the idiocy of your above reply?

Which activities, on a date, are necessary? Which activities, on a date would you suggest to your date, "if you don't like this, just go home, I'm staying"?