ALPHABET GAME: things monkeys might throw...
The Pope plans to addressed a joint session of Congress today and urge more action against climate change. Is this topic a good choice for a religious leader of his stature to be speaking to Congress about.

It is as good as any topic

Most people are already on remote control, auto-pilot. They blindly follow the dictates of the media masters never once attempting to think for themselves all the while assuming that they are miraculously and independently coming to the exact same conclusions as the majority of their fellow drones.

Think for yourselves people!

If you post more than 2 in a row, you are a dickhead. There is no limit on daily posts as long as you let some other dumb fvck post some bullshyt in between your bullshyt. Except you. You can post exactly 3 in a row on any day in which the sum of the numerical date components MM+DD+YYYY is divisible by any prime number other than 19.


My body is not property, so that is not up for grabs. In modern society I have no expectation of privacy. All my e-mails and letters are "discoverable", and thanks to the patriot act anything I do or say can be recorded via cellphone mic-and-camera or the nearest laptop. So forget any notion that I have anything "private."

And yes, if you want the clothes off my back, they are yours, you want the home where I live or the car I drive or picture frame on the wall, help yourself. I live as our Lord Jesus did, ask for my cloak and I give it, and my shirt as well. The Lord provides for me, I shall not want.

What is here on the earth is a gift from Him, I do not own it, and I will share what I find with my fellows.

Have you, or anyone you know, ever been on Television?

We all are - thanks NSA!


Neither. The first is preposterous and the second is the same question asked differently. From what did the "god" spring?

The U.S. spends more on defense than the next seven countries combined

I agree voluntary is the essential element of Political Anarchy nea Libertarianism.


We are not far apart, you and I.
Alas it is but a dream. Humanity is too far gone into the Hellenistic framework of ideas. There was a time, in theory, when peoples live as we dream, as hunter/gatherers, as bushmen and tribal colonies.
No more. Our Lord tried to teach us, he and his cousin John, but even that glorious Word was corrupted by Hellen's language and turned into an enterprise to acquire worldly goods: the conquest and the tithe compounded to destroy His vision of a selfless people.

The U.S. spends more on defense than the next seven countries combined
@JerryHendrickson Ya know, Mob rule is not pleasant to think about."True libertarianism, again imo, is the right to live one's life...

You don't think we have "mob rule" now. Our police state is a barely organized mob. The drug industry is a mob. In a small cooperative the "mob" is managed by naturally occurring pecking orders and naturally occurring democratic processes.

The U.S. spends more on defense than the next seven countries combined
@JerryHendrickson Seem too small scale. You can't protect yourselves if everyone is divided into small and separate groups. That's...

Can't have it both ways. Either you have small tribal cooperatives or you have a "night watchman state", which, as Bozette properly points out, will be self corrupting.