@irish thats not where the idea ob libertarian party came from. it started as an arm of big business lobbying.

libertarian (n.)
1789: "one who holds the doctrine of freewill"
(opposed to necessitarian)
1878: "person advocating liberty in thought and conduct"
1971 U.S. Libertarian Party founded in Colorado

The point of this post is that MOST people don't know who those guys were. Your downvote implies that you believe most people DO know who they were.

But I see your point.
Most people also don't understand that modern libertarian anti-regulation and anti-labor stance is brokered by huge businesses and pro-corporate influences. It is not at all about liberty for the working person, it is about liberty for the fat-cat industrialist.

My point is that if we are going to use a word, we should at least understand its origins and meaning and not let some propagandist co-opt the word for their own personal gain.

Sweden Immigration Problem

This is the biggest piece of dog crap reporting I have ever seen. The Swedish skinheads are at it again.

CNN is not fair and balanced, amirite ?

You sir are a master baiter

Ukraine has just declared war with Russia, if Russia is going to invade, what will they do... What will we do?

Governments are a bad idea

I never felt the way I felt with you before I felt like I was flying in the sky like million hearts kissed me and thousand of teddy bears were hugging my body....we only talked for two hours on the phone but really felt like so much less time flied so fast and my heart beat went even faster it is probably one of my favorite days I only now met you but yet you taught me so much so much about love which I didn't know and after you told me about it you made me feel it too I could feel my heart slipping into pieces when you said I don't forgive you suddenly every thing got black around me,I was in a dark whole stuck in there and couldn't get out I know I hurt you freaking bad so I got crazy I took my arm and bite it with my teeth until I could feel the pain I could feel so much pain inside and out it was crazy but still it wasn't enough I took the tweezers and cut my arm did it slowly so it would be more painful I know I didn't give you physical pain but that's the only kind of pain I could give to myself...I'm sorry for harming myself but I'm sorry for making you hurt as hell but it wasn't the end I started punching and punching my arm still not the end I slapped myself so hard that my arm was read I felt like it was bleeding but the truth was that my heart was freaking after all that I get a text that says you told me not to like you I didn't know what to say cause you were right that's what I sayd again and again but I'm sorry I Said it twice the times but you ignored my apologize and left me cry for you my whole life.. What do you think bout this?
Do you believe the theory Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene?

No evidence he hate gays either


I suppose for a derby but not for most cases.


Gruesome and horrific, as are depictions of Mengele's experiments in Germany. There are many reliable stories of the USA also conducting human experiments (the infamous Tuskegee experiments being among the less gruesome.) People do things that make me shudder and in the name of "helping progress."

Thanks for sharing, even if I have no idea what this has to do with OP.

If you woke up tomorrow with no fear, what would you do first?
@Lil_Princess I know that if I am holding a spider, I sure ain't got none.

My fear of spiders is senseless. Unless it is a Black Widow or a Tarantula, most common house spiders or garden spiders are completely harmless to humans. I know that, but it does not assuage my fear.

If You Accept The Premise That Obama Does Not Like America, Everything Suddenly Seems To Make Sense!

If you accept the premise that many posters here are uneducated fools who do not trust the checks and balances built into the constitution then many unfounded rants are expected

Image in content

Rosie O'Donnell should run 4 President.

It would be a waste of her time

Fewer death due to Islamic sponsored terror in America than under Bush. Good job Obama.

Strip Club Musik Volume 10: Travis Porter: Make It Rain

Shawty talk shit