@Budwick Do you find that to be true of atheists as well?

Of course. By definition indoctrination results in distorted perspective. As far a religion goes, for some reason unbeknownst to me, we seem to live in a world where objective truths can still be controversial subjects.

Did you get your learner's permit on the 1st try?

That's like asking: if everyone in the city stared breathing faster where will the air come from? Or, if the waves on Laguna Beach get higher where will all that extra water come from?
Money is in circulation, it is a finite amount, but it is such a vast amount that it simply pours in to fill the void. No one would even notice, unless they are specifically looking and even then they will be unable to "chart" the flow from one area to another.

No fuckin' way bitch

If indoctrinated you will lose all understand and perspective.

So if it were possible to clone yourself and have sex with yourself would it be incest or masturbation and why?
What role does the First Lady have in the US government?
End All Skin-Color Based Programs THIS WOULD BE A GOOD THING . amirite?

You are so kind that way.

Have you ever made a rubber band ball?

Sure, but it was so tight on my thingy and it wouldn't go soft for hours. When I finally got it off my pecker it was misshapen for days. Never trying that again.

Can a person actually eat prayers?
@Visigothicreign So prayers can be drank?

That's silly. One can neither eat nor drink prayers.
We do not need to pray, but pray hurts nothing.
The lord has set our table with an abundance of food and fresh water, yet we have soiled it. Defecating in the streams and infesting our cattle with poison. Give up your prayers, give up your modern ways. Eat of the flowers in the field and the fawn and the fowl, then you shall know the Lord's bounty.

‘I AM WIPING MY ASS WITH YOUR SH-T FLAG': This Black Chick Does The Unforgivable 11736949_10153493313023829_553309315_n Posted on July 11, 2015 Things like the #ShitFlagChallenge are just normal and commonplace in Obamaland now. This chick, known as ‘Nocturnas Libertus’ on Facebook, posted this picture on her Facebook page. You can let know what you think on her Facebook page here.
@QueenAline how's this for fake?

Fake fake fake.

-You hire actors
-You photograph them
-You publish them on a hate site

You ma'am are a pathetic heathen and not a Christian at all

What Will You Do If And Whole World Ended And You And Your Crush Survived?
@Visigothicreign Ah, I get it. Special people are people too! You guys are some of the biggest assets to our society.

These are the laws of your God Satan. You might follow them if you profess to be his minion.

I'm Tired Of Being Politically Correct