You're glad that Paramore broke up because Hayley Williams is an amazing vocalist and now she might start making music that doesn't suck, amirite?

Actually, her voice IS amazing. She's been having some vocal difficulty for the past year or so because they've been touring practically non-stop for the past 6 years.

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Someone, please, watch this video and tell me she cannot sing live.

Oh, and no. Paramore didn't break up. Two members left, but the three remaining members (Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor,) are still continuing on. They're actually writing a new album write now.

Guys: if you tell a girl you like her, chances are she likes you too. And if she doesn't, she's not going to laugh at you. She'll be your friend and very possibly over time want to be more, amirite?

So true. I didn't like a guy that told me he liked me and asked to go out on a date. I declined. But, we became good friends. Honestly, if he asked me today. I would say yes.

It's really nerve-wrecking when you discover that the weird kid has a crush on you, amirite?

That happened to me. The guy asked me out and I barely even knew him (plus, he was quite.. different.) When I said no, he started crying! And I said no in the nicest way possible. I felt soo bad, I felt like crying.

Guys: Girls that wear make up are uglier than girls that don't, amirite?

There's nothing wrong with wearing make up. Many girls I know, myself included, wear it. It just appears natural. Trust me, it doesn't make you uglier.. :]

Characters in kid's tv shows shouldn't use the word "sexy", amirite?

Yeah, I've heard iCarly say sexy quite alot. I don't mind, kids these days are exposed to much worse anyway

Guys: Girls that wear make up are uglier than girls that don't, amirite?
@Enter_Username_Here Well, my one friend wears loads of make up, and it doesn't look natural at all. I mean, I wear mAke up too and I...

Oh, well the way you wrote the post made it seem that wearing any make up at all made you ugly or something. But, I totally agree that caking it on and mismatch fondation is unattractive.

The name "Mike Hunt" is probably the worst name ever, (read it out loud) amirite?

Man, I love people on this website. XD

When you see the license plate ILUVTOFU, your mind automatically jumps to dirty conclusions, instead of thinking about how refreshing it is to see someone who loves tofu, amirite?

My poor, poor thirteen year old mind. I read it as I love to f u right away...

It seems most songs with the words "down" or "low" is bound to be a hit, amirite?
It sucks when you like/are in love with someone you can never be with, amirite?

I really like my best guy friend. He even knows it (luckily our friendship is strong enough to not be awkward because of it.) but he's really set on this one girl. Who's dead set on someone else...

Even if they don't end up together, he wouldn't go for me. Girls practically line up at his feet. :I

I don't care what your iPhone can do...there isn't an app for loneliness. amirite?

Well, why don't they just pick up their phone and actually call someone??

Furby's-they're like part owl, part rabbit, and part satan, amirite?

This has to be one of my favorite posts ever :]

They scared the living hell out of me when I was younger.

You're going to see The Last Airbender. amirite?

I've already seen it..

Now I have to have to take anti-depressants. :I

Paramore is extremely awesome. amirite?
@Paramore is a disposable pop band that no one will remember in 5 years, except when they see the lead chick on...

Uno: They aren't pop. Dos: they've been around over 5 years. I think they can handle 5 more. Tres: Hayley doesn't do drugs/smoke due to fear of screwing up her voice.

I for one, don't plan on forgetting them. Seeing them for the 3rd time in September. :]

Rise Against is a good band, amirite?
@this kind of thing gets on the homepage? ........................ ............... .............. ......... ...

Haha, I posted this and did not expect it to get homepaged. I just was wondering what other people thought. :]