It is nearly impossible to write a sentence without the letter 'E', amirite?

This post is so intriguingly wrong.

I am not a troll, amirite?

my brain is being fucked to the maximum.

Pandora should have stations for what kind of mood you are in, amirite?
Forget "Writer's block" how about "Amirite writer's block" I got a big dose of that right now, amirite?

aww man anon I was gonna say that!

Copying me may be the largest form of flattery, but it's still fucking annoying. So stop. amirite?
Dear assholes, stop spoiling movies for us on this thing, amirite?

Rudolf plays with other reindeers in their games

There is no real proof that girls have vaginas, I mean think about it, have you ever actually seen one? amirite?

ive seen my girlfriend's, Handgelina Jolie.

"If everyone jumped off a bridge would you do it too?" If I was attached to a bungee cord, amirite?

reply to that, If every mom stopped using that as an excuse to not get me stuff, would you stop too?

Even though you say that it sucks to be back from summer vacation, you still are excited for the first day of school 'cause all you do is socialize and meet teachers. Then after a week you realize that that shit sucks. amirite?
most boys would want kill Kesha! most girls would want marry Justin bieber! amirite?

I want to kill you for your awful grammar.

Sometimes you wonder why people get tattoos in places where you'll never see them. Putting them somewhere, like on your wrist is somewhat acceptable, since you want to be able to hide them in appropriate situations. But simply having a tattoo, meaningful or not, in a place where people can't seem them is just wasted art, amirite?

My counselor at camp got a tattoo of a butterfly on his ankle in honor of his little brother who fought cancer for 15 years, and died at age 17.

The next generation: "What does a tube have to do with watching videos online?" amirite?

in older T.Vs the thing that would transmit most of the codes and receive all of the data was a light bulb looking thing. People back then just called it "The Tube" because it was long and cylinder like. To watch stuff on the internet they referred to that old reference. but since we post our videos it's about us, or "You" so hence the name "YouTube."

Animals sound so much cuter when you add 'y' to the end of them, eg. Doggy, Birdy, Horsey, Ducky, amirite?

Tity! You're right! it does sound better!

Youtube sucks now that Google bought it. None of the videos can go five seconds without stopping to buffer. You have the choice between suffering through the stoppages or waiting three times as long as the video lasts so it can load up. What happened to just getting on there, watching a music video, and getting off in just under five minutes, amirite?

google has been taken over by women in a mall. instead of just "Get in, get what you want, and get out." It's "Get in, buffer the video, wait for it to load, recommend a video, open a new tab to go on facebook while it loads, check on the loading process, go back to facebook, watch half the video let it buffer for 5 minutes, go to facebook again while it buffers, finally it loads and you watch the rest of the video, get out.

You don't know if the voice in your head you read with is a girl or a boy, but IT YELLS WHEN I PUT THIS TEXT IN ALL CAPS, amirite?

If mine is a girl, then it is mind blowing me