As a kid, we all had those beliefs that we now think are completely stupid, like thinking everyone lives to exactly 100, or that war is won by whoever kills the most people after a certain amount of time, amirite?

If you sing in the toilet you die. My sister told me that.

You had not idea that "spagettification" is a real word until now, or that its the theoretical definition of what would happen if you were to be sucked into a black hole, amirite?

I thought it meant the art of eating spaghetti.

you've wondered why unicorns are called uniCORNS and not uniHORNS, amirite?

Did you know that male unicorns have two horns? hello smilie

It'd be really weird if animals were like pokemon in that they said their names instead of making sounds. So instead of going "Meow" a cat would walk around going "CAAAAAAT! CAAAAAT! CATCATCATCAT!" Amirite?
Bilingual children: you know shit's about to go down when your parents start speaking their native language, amirite?

Andek ha2, I usually speak to my parents in my native tongue, but I'll only speak to my siblings in it if I'm arguing with them.

Kids who say stuff like "totes" or "brutes" instead of "totally" or "brutal" are ridiculously lame, amirite?
How can you watch the Harry Potter movies without reading the books, amirite?
@MissUmbridge If you had read the books, you would've gotten more out of it. :)

I agree, the films miss loads of important stuff out and don't really fit together unless you read the books.

Antici.............................pation. amirite?
Boys act like dicks to make up for the ones they dont have, amirite?

I love this! lolwut smilie

People who use a "d" instead of "th" are incredibly annoying, amirite?

I know dats so annoying.

Unless you're Native American, stop bitching about immigrants, amirite?
@Only if they were from an English speaking country, most of Europe doesn't speak English.

Actually, it does. Even though it wouldn't be their first language, the majority of Europeans know English.

I think people's concept of friendship is wrong. A good friend isn't one who must be joined at the hip with you 24/7, it's someone whose love remains even when time and distance is between you. Try being separated for a few months or a year from your "best friend" and see just how frail friendship can be. amirite?

I had to move across the ocean and haven't seen my best friend for 3 years. But it still feels like we are joined to the hip.

I know I'm not the only one asking: what the fuck is a mosque? amirite?