You've tried to whittle before, amirite?

eh, I've tried a whittle.

Everything is cuter when it's in miniature form, amirite?
@TheShamWowGuy miniature candy=fun sized... not cute.

yeah, miniaturized candy.. definitely not cute. good point, props to you.

The most uncomfortable situation ever is when you're in a public restroom and you realize you're out of toilet paper, after you've already sat down and started doing your business. Then you either have to ask the stranger next to you for some TP or awkwardly pull up your pants half way and waddle over to the next stall, amirite?
Stores that bring out the Christmas jank before Thanksgiving have no self respect, amirite?
@Is there a chance that you meant to say junk not jank?

(=]): no, I didn't mean junk. I think that jank is a great all purpose word :)

It's hilarious how the sixty-five million dollar production, Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark, was a complete disaster on opening night while A Very Potter Musical, which was produced by a bunch college kids, was a total success, amirite?

"you know goyle, using the potty is a great time to socialize!"

"hello there! Using the potty for the first time too? Good luck my man!"


Stores that bring out the Christmas jank before Thanksgiving have no self respect, amirite?
It's great having straight teeth and all, but it's slightly annoying that I now have a lisp that I most certainly did NOT have before braces, amirite?

I'm stalking you. I think your lisp is cute, like how Toad in Mario Party faints everytime he loses a minigame ;)

Before boarding a plane, you have a slight fear in the back of your mind that you will be seated near the crying baby, amirite?

or a teenager with awful BO

How can I miss you if you won't go away? amirite?

It's kind of funny reading through these because I'm realizing that you've said a lot of this stuff in random conversations.

You've never actually dreamt that you're at school in your underwear, amirite?

I have.. several times. worst dreams of my life.

I told my llama I was moving. He said, "Alpaca,", amirite?

Two drums and a cymbol fall off a cliff...

If you were an element, you'd be Sn, because you are a tin, amirite?
Peeling an orange in one peel is one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment, amirite?

or peeling a hard boiled egg in two tries :)

Anne Frank was the most inspiring Muslim story you've ever heard, amirite?

I do love a good troll :D

Bald people have enough forehead for four heads, amirite?

Either that or bald people have enough 5-head. For 5 people