About me.

Hello, my name is joshua, and yes, I'm actually in the navy. it is fun...to an extent. But I like being a sailor :) I believe that people find their true love on a chance, that nothing is set up and we make our own fate. You control your life, your choices, and the things you do. Nobody tells you what to do, nobody can say you can't do something. if you want to do something fucking do it. That's the way i see things.

POSITO: The art of posting original things, and not retarded, dumb, overused reposts. I firmly stand behind this movement, and personally am tired of reading the same thing over and over. This site is about your own personal opinions, not just taking other people's thoughts and ideas because you think that it's funny or cool. Please, amirite community, don't turn this into MLIA or FML or any of those other dumb sites. We are definitely more intelligent than them. Post your own shit!