Even if you're not racist, you're more likely to date people that are the same race as you, amirite?

I'm white and mostly date white guys because the majority of my community is white but I'm most attracted to Indian guys.

It sucks when you grab a caprisun but the straw is missing, amirite?

I had to read caprisun like 45 times before i realized what it said.

You have at least one friend that doesn't like foods that everybody else likes, amirite?
It's really weird how some couples decide to marry AFTER having kids together. Ex. Brad and Angelina....it's like..really? 6 kids later and now you're really CONSIDERING marriage? amirite?

My parents didn't get married until after my brother and I were born. I was a surprise and they didn't want to get married just cause my mom was pregnant so they waited a while.

You have at least one friend that doesn't like foods that everybody else likes, amirite?

I don't eat spaghetti or salad and everyone thinks that's weird.

When you were little, you would sometimes scoot down the stairs on your butt, amirite?

If by little you mean 16 then yes, yes I do.

Sarah palin will never be good enough to be president, amirite?

Waiting for the argument

everybody had a "TILF" back in highschool, amirite?

Mr. Sexton.
Hahaha. His name makes it that much better

When you think about it, Amazon is like the online Costco, amirite?

You know what else is like online costco.

The Stride Mega Mystery Gum is actually pretty gross... They're making money off of it because people want to take a shot at what the flavor is, not because it tastes good, amirite?

It tastes just like Fruit Stripes Gum.

The whole "Charlie Sheen is my hero" thing is really stupid. I mean what did he do other than get addicted to drugs and get fired from possibly the easiest job. He made 1.5 million dollars for a 30 minute show and lost it all! amirite?

He didn't lose all that money they still have to pay him for syndication on other channels so he pretty much just a genius.

No wonder they call it "Mother Nature." One moment she's in our favor the next she's being a complete bitch, amirite?

In fucking Ohio its like she set weather to Goddamn shuffle.
it was 50 one day snowing the next hail the next its ridiculous.

Playing amirite hangman is a pretty good way to find new posts, amirite?

Whoa just saw this on amirite hangman

Betty White is probably the coolest old person ever, amirite?
One of the best feelings is getting 10 likes on your status, amirite?

its at plus 10 hahaha