Before you wish that humans could fly, conciser this: 8 billion people would be able to fly, causing HUGE amounts of traffic; birds would either learn to adapt to the ground or go extinct; the airline industry would seize to exist; plus there would be no advances in technology with everyone flying around, amirite?
Science has an actual explanation to things,God is simply an explanation by word. It has been 2010 years and we haven't seen one sign of God (material).Science is the answer.Religion is simply a way to cope psychologicaly and to opresses people's minds in certain countries. Not just Islam but other religions too,the "rules" that guide what you can and can't do that were created THOUSANDS years ... amirite?
@ms-amber-626 this is a very well thought out statement, but we shouldn't take the right to believe in God away from others. I...

(ms amber 626): Oh I wasn't trying to force this view on others. It was just my thought, that is all.

Religion was made up by humans in order to control larges masses of people. Amirite?
@SirCheekyBastard indeed

hehe, you get to go to the Sea Turtle World.

Libya is being bombed, New Zealand has been hit by earthquakes, but all people cared about was Justin Biebers new haircut, amirite?
@purpleturtle you spelt Bieber wrong. And everyone is entitled to their own opinions so dont tell me my impression is wrong.

I don't really care how you spell his name and your impression is wrong. You can't tell me what I can and can't say. If you can't take people having a disagreement with you, then you need to take sometime off and grow up. You don't want to hear my opinion then don't talk about yours. Got that one?

Statement A) Statement B is false. Statement B) Statement A is true. amirite?

If statement B is false and statement B says that statement A is true, then A is false. Neither exists.

It's annoying when people constantly put down skinny people because we're "sticks". Not all of us have eating disorders or are trying to look like a model. It's called a fast metabolism and healthy eating, and sometimes we're trying to gain the weight so stupid people can shut up. amirite?

100% with you here, I had to go through this for as long as I can remember myself. Love yourself for who you are no matter what other people think, at the end of the day they don't really care about you.

"Many persons have the wrong idea of what constitutes true not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose." - Helen Keller, amirite?
@well you're not right, Helen Keller is right, but it's nice to know that you quoted from her instead of calling it...

Ummm, isn't it obvious that I'm asking if people agre with HER. You don't need to tell me that I'm not right, I quoted her as you said. Geez. I have enough sense to not steal people's work.

Sometimes, being nice sucks. amirite?

Yeah I know the feeling :S

People with glasses always look smarter than people without them, amirite?

I guess it has some truth to it

Why is it that when women are fat, they're considered strong and beautiful, and when men are fat, they're fat. amirite?

Ahahaha beautiful!! no way!

While watching the first few seconds of Happy Tree Friends you thought, "Why the hell am I watching this baby show?!" And as you continued watching... Amirite?
@hellosputnik Just do it, trust me. You'll understand my post a lot better.

OMG okay, i kind of want to watch the other ones now :P It's pretty freaky (and i like it)!!!

Good manners are useless- if you hate someone, why do you have to pretend to be nice to them? It's dishonest. amirite?

Good manners are important because it shows you have self respect. In our society you are judged and if you want to be accepted you need to act accordingly. Plus, people with good manners will be taken more seriously than people who are not.

People who claim to be Agnostic/Atheists should first learn about religions before they deny them. (I'm Agnostic by the way). Amirite?
@Agnostics don't deny religion.

@163644 (Anonymous): Agnostics all have individual belives and not "no beliefs at all". Some deny religion and believe there is something out there and some are not sure wheter religion/God are real so they are debating. Just because you don't deny religion doesn't mean every other Agnostic person doesn't deny religion. I deny religion but I believe there is a Godly entity. If there is somene like me then you cannot generalize like that.

Girls: you get a little nervous, when a suspicious looking man enters the same lift as you when you're all alone. amirite?

lol I actually find a reason not to enter if I see a strange man in the elevator or I have my key in between my fingers to poke him in the eyebol in case he tries to attack me :) Self defense lessons are good :)

You pitty the kid that get's bullied but you are afraid to intervene(you might go and tell a teacher). Amirite?