@Astronaut_Will Thanks for the "Inspired from" I know what I'm watching today.

You 2 are pretty much my new favorite people on this website.

The ampersand in the amirite? font looks like a 't' touching a butt hole, amirite?

Or a person hugging their legs to their chest

Something interesting about the Harry Potter trio - all three could've easily fit into different houses. Hermione's got the intelligence to fight perfectly in Ravenclaw, Ron's undying loyalty could've placed him in Hufflepuff, and we know Harry could've been sorted into Slytherin, amirite?
It's absurd that almost every newspaper in the U.S. has an Astrology column but very few have a Science column, amirite?
@mchalla3 Astrology is a cutesy thing that's fun to do. Nobody actually believes in it. I think it's kinda cool to look at...

Key words, in your opinion. Newspapers are supposed to record current news. New stuff happening with science is news. Fake made up stuff no one believes in but for some reason thinks is fun isn't news.

When playing Sims, you get frustrated when your characters waste time playing computer games instead of socializing or improving skills. Then you shut up. Amirite?
It would be unfortunate to have hands made out of broccoli, amirite?

What a profound thought. It's never crossed my mind before but that one's gonna stick with me.

Love should be like volleyball. You call "mine" and everybody backs off, amirite?
It would be awkward if a woman didn't have an abortion because she was strictly conservative and then the kid was gay, amirite?

Gay people SHOULD have rights, and it's because of conservatives and christians that they 'don't'. Didn't your Jesus say to love everyone?

Knowing a hot guy is going to community college brings his hottness down, amirite?

He could still be smart.

You defy at least one stereotype, amirite?

I live in the Buckle of the Bible Belt. I'm a healthy Democrat atheist.

If Atheism is a religion then Off is a TV channel, amirite?

This is actually such a good analogy. When you have the TV on, you're forced to mentally ingest a small, limited window of the world, contained in a carefully planned and edited program. There may be one type of show on now, but next year, some shows will be cancelled and new ones will appear, and 10 years from now, TV will be unrecognizable from what it is now, although somewhat similar. A person from one country will have a limited number of channels to choose from, a person from another country will watch another set of channels, and the best country may be able to broadcast their channels throughout other countries if they're influential enough and if the market is right.

Meanwhile, once you turn the television off, the entire world becomes your oyster. It may not be as immediately rewarding, but there is so much more to do and explore and get done. A TV show is carefully planned and edited, but the real world will seem much more random and meaningless. And simply not watching TV doesn't say much about you as a person. While everybody watching a particular TV episode is viewing the exact same material, people who turn the TV off are off doing all kinds of different things.

The world becomes millions of times more amazing when you accept science not Jesus, amirite?
@God could have created the properties you are amazed at. You are just as ignorant as a religious person right now...

Ignorant? No. My reasons for not believing in God is lack of proof. It is not the duty of atheists to disprove God. It is the duty of the believers to provide evidence of God. In all my time on this Earth, I have not seen a single ounce of evidence suggesting the existence of any god, Christian or otherwise. Furthermore, there are many passages within the Bible that are blatantly wrong scientifically. If your God created the properties of atoms and elementary particles, then His book would not include these errors.

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