When you eat a lot of junk food in a day, you just keep eating more because there's no point in trying to eat healthy again that day. amirite?

I used to do that, but then I came across this really good quote. "If you dropped your phone on the ground, you wouldn't say 'ah fuck it' and then step on it repeatedly"

My social studies teacher was yelling at the class for not studying. I told her to act her age. She died, amirite?

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Justin Bieber calls himself the Kurt Cobain of today, WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING, amirite?
Mila Kunis (Rachel in Forgetting Sarah Marshall) is incredibly sexy, amirite?

If you think she's sexy in forgetting sarah marshell, i suggest you watch black swan. just wow.

Everyone should be required by law, to work at least 1 month of customer service and 1 month in the food industry to gain respect for the crap these people go through, amirite?

This is true. But I feel there are a lot of other crappier jobs too...

It would be so cool if we could actually do spells like people in the Harry Potter universe can. But you got to admit that there would be some downsides. Think about it. Some pedophile could take a piece of an innocent little girls hair and use it in Polyjuice Potion so that he could stare at her naked, amirite?

Oh my, I thought you were going to say he would have his way with her and then use memory I feel horrible.

its better to lose your virginity to someone you really care about then to just lose it to a person you've known for about an hour, amirite?

Ahoy OP, captain obvious!

Men: Whenever you take your jumper off in public (especially around women), you make sure your shirt's loose whilst you're doing it. That way, everybody can see how awesome your torso is without you looking like a horny, narcissistic show-off, amirite?
@Wtf is a jumper?

A jumper is a type of sweater.

Oh and I love how this starts off with 'Men' and not 'Guys'

Yellow is the most eye-cathing colour. Amirite?

Actually red with the longest wavelength is the most eye catching and we can spot it from far distances, that's why stop signs are red...

Tom Felton / Draco Malfoy has gotten way hotter over the years. amirite?

I think they all did.

Spencer Reid is the epitome of cute nerds, amirite?

He's my ultimate nerd crush.

How do you get a guitarist to stop playing? You put sheet music in front of him. amirite?

I'm a self taught guitarist and I didn't learn how to read music till after atleast 3 years of playing. And that too I forced myself.

It's weird seeing Shia LeBeouf in Wall Street and remembering him from Even Stevens, amirite?

He's so fine

You listen to AM radio. FM is just sooo dumb, right? amirite?

they be trollin'
we be hatin'

Any female singer whose voice is at least a little deep sounds black, amirite?

When I first heard Price Tag, I assumed the Jessie J was black.