There are some songs that you just have to listen to with both earbuds in, amirite?

meant to live- switchfoot

You wonder how much crap the rapper featured in the song Friday must get from his friends, amirite?

He looks like a fat usher..

Even if you can't see them, you can usually tell if a guy is black or white just from their voice, amirite?

When I first heard Jessie J on the radio, I thought she was a black woman.

It is perfectly acceptable to marry oneself, amirite?

First I voted NW, but then I saw the username and voted YYA :)

Nerdy pickup lines are the best pick up lines, amirite?
@XilianEmpires DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. RNA stands for ribonucleic acid... They both have a "u" in them.

Anon is talking about the base Uracil which is only present in RNA while DNA has Thymine in it's place.

You could think of the best crossovers between television series, amirite?
@TalkingRice what's hunger games about? It sounds REALLY familiar.

It's basically set in America in the post-war time. The country is divided into 12 districts headed by the Capitol(main government) They hold this twisted thing called the 'hunger games' where they select one boy and one girl from each district to compete against each other in horrendous conditions in an 'arena' The last one alive is the winner. It's a trilogy, I really recommend you read it, it's incredible.

I just found out a TV channel in my country (India) is remaking the Twilight Saga as a TV show with Indian actors and Names...I should probably move to Antartica, amirite?

I'm Indian and I too find that absolutely ridiculous. Is it going to be a comedy or a horror/drama?

Sleep > The Royal Wedding, amirite?

Depends on which time zone you're in. Here we are just 3 hours behind and it's the weekend so everyone's up watching.

It's annoying when a song you like obviously has a hidden meaning in the lyrics, but you just can't find it, amirite?

Everything is a 50-50 chance. Either you will win the lottery, or you'll lose. 50-50. amirite?

Hey OP, get off amirite and go to school.

Nobody keeps a mechanical pencil after it runs out of lead, amirite?

Or they could buy lead refills...

Did you know he invented the word 'swag' (swaggery)

If you caught your bf/gf cheating on you, it would be okay to break up with them on the spot without hearing "their side of the story", amirite?
The best job in the world: a weather man in Phoenix,Arizona. It only rains once a year, and there is no snow. And best of all, you get paid 6 figures for saying this every day : Lets look at the 6 month forecast, its going to be HOT and SUNNY. As you can see we live in a desert! Back to you, Bob, with sports. amirite?

The weather man has a 6 figure salary?

There should be an IMDb-type website for books and authors, amirite?