The best part of being home alone is that you don't have to talk to anyone, amirite?

*can run around naked and sing loudly.

Drake shouldn't be aloud to use the N-word. He's only half black. amirite?

Is it bad that I thought you were talking about Drake from Drake and Josh for a little bit?

RealWows are better than ShamWows, amirite?

Shampoo is better than realpoo.

Save a horse, ride a cowboy, amirite?

Save a broom, ride a seeker.

Hocus Pocus is the best Halloween movie on Disney! amirite?

Too bad you're anonymous, this post has potential best friend written all over it.

I hate two-faced people. It's hard to decide which face to punch first. amirite?

Lord_Voldemort7 FTW :D

It sucks when the doorbell rings and you're in your underwear, amirite?

It sucks when the doorbell rings and you forget you're in your underwear.

Everyone uses the name Sanjay for indian characters in shows. amirite?

There's this kid in my Global class that everybody calls Sanjay.

sex before marriage is WRONG, no matter what society pressures us to believe, amirite?
@lovely (awesomeperson):How can they ever know that they're really ready, then? I say, let people follow their hearts, and...

When you're really ready you won't think about sex. You'll just know that you love the person unconditionally and don't care about sex. It's just a benefit from the marriage that you want because God wanted people to get married.

@SCREENname. I doubt anyone would name their chiled KewlKid too.

I know. If they tried to name their kid one of their old screennames, they wouldn't be allowed to do it.

If we could party all night, and sleep all day, our lives would be easy, amirite?
sex before marriage is WRONG, no matter what society pressures us to believe, amirite?

I don't remember ever saying that everyone did. I said that people who have sex before marriage experience pain, and then I proved my point by saying that some people aren't ready for sex, get STDs, or get pregnant. Some people.

You don't drink the liquid after finishing the fruit cup, amirite?

My friend begs me for it so I give it to her. :P

It was pretty cool in Deathly Hallows part one when Harry said amirite, amirite?

I love this! Didn't Dumbledore say it in HBP?

Dear Mugglenet, you promised me the new Harry Potter trailer at 9:00 ET. It's 9:08 and I don't see it! amirite?

you can go to leaky cauldron, they posted it at 9:00!