About me.

why hello there! i didn't hear you approach kind stranger. My name, as you can see is awesometasticnessism. I occupy a part of the continental landmass known as South America. I live in Guyana so english is my language ( with a bit of creole slang/ dialect in there).
I go to a catholic school. My favourite colour is purple. I spell the British way. I'm sortof maybe kinda in a wayish almost nearly very much so slightly on the short side. I'm a tad strange and a bit of a nerd.

Things I like:

  • The Harry Potter series
    -The Hunger Games series
    -confusing people
    -lame jokes/ pickup lines ( I pride myself on these)
    -One Direction ( me gusta mucho mas)
  • dogs
    -My Friends

follow me on twitter:!/MyfiveIdiots
Tumblr: Does not exist anymore

I have two fanfics that i have actually posted (the others lay abandoned in notebooks in the mess i call my room)
This is a Harry Potter one:

And this is the One Direction one:

The one direction one may kinda suck but oh well.

Message me because I love to talk to real people instead of robots adn imaginary beings (the sad life of an only child)

xoxol smilie