If you're going to kill yourself, before you do it you should photoshop yourself out of all the pictures you can, burn all your previous possessions, and hack and delete all files of yourself, and then drown yourself in the ocean where your body will never be found, so all your friends will be like "Hey, what happened to Steve? Did ... did Steve ever exist? Did we just imagine him?" Amirite?

At least then you'll die knowing you were the best goddamn troll to ever grace this earth.

Harry Potter pick-up lines are the best kind, amirite?

Is that a wand in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

You goin' to bed? Mind if I Slytherin? ;)

You wonder what the year 3000 will be like. amirite?

Well, according to my sources, not much will change but we'll live underwater.

New pool game: have a couple of friends go to different corners of the pool and pretend to drown... Whoever the lifeguard saves first wins! amirite?

You just read FML . . .

If I am a 90 degree angle, amirite?

Haha at first I was like "If I'm a 90 degree angle, amirite?" What? Did he not finish the question? I right...why, yes you are! Very clever!

Parents shouldn't try to make their kids stop liking things due to the kid's gender, amirite?
It's really annoying when you find out that the woman that you thought was your mother for the past eighteen years was only pretending so they could use your hair to make them younger, amirite?

And then she gives you this "Mother knows best" bullshit. I mean, come ON!

Parents should start having "The Talk" at 13, considering what kids are doing these days. amirite?
@accio_sabrina My parents never even gave me the talk at all...must have just assumed the talk they gave us in school in grade 5...

I never got "the talk" either. But, in my family, we all basically just ignore things like "sex" and "puberty" and stuff and pretend they don't exsist. I really don't know why, but it's some sort of an implied tabboo in my household.
It's actually kind of funny, because when when we're in the car and something about sex comes on the radio we all just fall silent and stare ahead of us without looking at eachother. And then someone awkwardly says something like "SO. UM YEAH WHEN WE GET TO THE RESTAURANT LET'S ALL WASH OUR HANDS, OKAY?" really loudly so as to "subtly" drown some of the radio out.

Hillary is pregnant, The Wizard's are done, Zack and Cody graduated, and Miley revealed her secret. Our childhoods are really over, amirite?

These weren't really my childhood (except maybe Lizzie Mcguire) . . . but I feel your pain.

Guys: you never really get in trouble for staring at girls' boobs. amirite?
The show "Toddlers & Tiaras" was only named that because "Strippers in Training" and "My Mother has Self-Esteem Issues" weren't catchy enough titles. amirite?

Is it sad that I watch that show almost religiously?

The ability to read peoples minds wouldn't really be as great as you expect it. It would mostly consist of hearing catchy songs and what people want to eat. amirite?

Every once in a while, when I'm thinking of something embarrassingly stupid, I get really paranoid that there are mind readers around. But then I immediately think "Stop being stupid, obviously no one can read minds". Then I imagine mind readers in the room chuckling and thinking "Ha, she's so stupid. Just listen to her try to convince herself we don't exist! She'll never know . . . ". So I end up internally screaming "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" a few times, just in case.

It's sad how many Americans can't think of a country starting with the letter "U", amirite?

I immediately thought Uganda and Ukraine, but I'm ashamed to say the United States wouldn't have crossed my mind if I hadn't read the comments . . .

When ever you hear there is going to be a new kid you always hope he's hot, amirite?
@Ellen Then you find out the he is a she

That happens EVERY TIME for me. Coincidentally, I go to an all-girls school. I think there might be a connection there . . .

I dont speak spanish and dont plan to either. You came to my country, you speak MY language! amirite?

I don't speak spanish either . . . but I'm not about to learn Thai before I go to Thailand or Italian just so I can go to Rome . . . but, if I was gonna move there, that's another story.