Practicing homosexuality is not a trait a person is born with, you don't see a 10 year old talking with a fake gay lisp. amirite?

You also don't see a 10 year old with a deep man's voice, so I guess it's a choice when your vocal pitch drops too.

You hate it when people who claim to "love music" listen to nothing but mainstream stuff , amirite?
@oheyliz Yeah , but people who want to say "they love music" or they know a lot about music and then listen to nothing but...

So people aren't entitled to enjoy the music they choose?

I enjoy a lot of mainstream music. Just because I don't listen to much indie stuff doesn't mean your taste is 'better' than mine, or that I don't appreciate it as much as you do.

Avoid this hipster thinking that if something is obscure it's better or more worthy than something popular.

There are so many terms and abbreviations for saying "for example" such as "i.e.", "e.g.", and "ex.", amirite?

I.e. does not mean 'for example'.

It means 'that is to say'.

E.g., "You messed up an amirite post to do with grammar. I.e., you're an idiot."

Modern day black people shouldn't complain about the slavery of people they've never met, amirite?
@Tweetbaby14 FYI, broseph, I have a few family members still alive from the days of slavery, and I have met them, and I have...

I don't think the OP is implying people should stop talking about it. It should be discussed and taught, but not used for personal gain. I.e., no-one should use something that happened to other people (such as their ancestors) as an excuse to get special treatment or sympathy.

Similarly, people should not be blamed for the crimes of their ancestors.

For example, I'm sure you don't hold white people you meet responsible for what their ancestors may have done to your ancestors, since neither they or you personally were involved in the issue.

You can be for gay rights without being totally fine with your son turning or turning out to be gay, amirite?

If you're not totally fine with your son being the way he was born, then you need to rethink your parenting.

You know you're out of it when someone starts talking to you and it feels like they're speaking a foreign language, amirite?

But what if they ARE speaking a foreign language? :O

It is ironic that in hockey, the glass people bang on is call plexiglass, but it's a actually plastic, amirite?

Wow. So many people don't know the meaning of the word 'ironic' anymore.

It sucks when you're saving to use something in a game for later but you never get to use it, amirite?

I'm a hoarder in games...never actually end up using rocket launchers or health packs because I'm always paranoid I'll need it later.

Accepts "Terms of Service" without reading them, Amirite?

I didn't read this amirite post. I just clicked Agree.

Abolish money and create a better world

You realise that's just communism?

Money is one of the things that encourages contribution. If there's no money, why would anyone work? How would scientists obtain the resources to cure diseases? How would products be created if you don't get anything for doing so? In fact, why would anyone even be educated if there's no difference or payoff for curing cancer compared to being a cashier?

Why would anyone obey road rules if you don't get fined? How would great products be created if EVERYONE can have everything, resulting in not enough for any (see: poverty).

In your explanation, you state "In this system, a person can have everything he needs and all the reasonable material wants he desires so long as he contributes to the society in some positive fashion". How will you judge what a positive contribution is? How will you decide what amount of 'reasonable material' he is then entitled to, without everyone just claiming everything?

Oh I know. How about providing them a suitable amount of resources equal to the amount of contribution, rarity of the job or quality of what is produced?

You know, kind of like money does.

This is one of the most stupid, short-sighted posts I've ever seen. Please go to school and learn why this is the worst idea imaginable unless you enjoy mass unemployment, poverty (no-one's farming or manufacturing because they don't have to, since there is no incentive to do any job in particular), anarchy and fighting / rioting over resources.

Having next to no money and equal access to resources has worked great for North Korea. Perhaps you should start there?

English words are made sexual by adding "French" to the beginning of them (ex. "kiss" and "French kiss", "letter" and "French letter", "maid" and "French maid"), amirite?

The real question is: what is the difference between sex and French sex then?


Widgets are little frames of information (like a sticky note) you can cover your homescreens in.

For example: an updating list of the latest emails received, icons showing the weather forecast, play/pause buttons and song info for any music playing.

You just cover the homescreens (like a computer desktop) with widgets that can give you info and let you control stuff without having to go in and out of each app every time. That way you can tell stuff like if you've got any new emails or the weather without having to open up the Email app or Weather app.

I wouldn't want to be a teacher, because that means your going to school, then college, then right back to where you started in school amirite?


Then it's a good thing you don't want to be a teacher, as teachers need to know the difference between "your" and "you're".



There are always going to be people overlooked in their achievements, but that doesn't mean no-one should be recognized and awarded. It follows the ridiculous logic of 'if someone doesn't get something, no-one should get it'.

Eg: there are kids starving in Africa. Therefore, no-one should get food.

What's the difference between a brick and someone that plays world of Warcraft? A brick will get laid, amirite?

Yes, by a sweaty, middle-aged man who will be finished in a few seconds, move onto hundred of others and charge by the hour for doing so...