"Starving children in Africa."

My friends don't expect me to have a teddy bear...
They expect me to have twenty.

"I just shot you!"
"No, I have a magical force field!"
"...bitch, just die already."

National Weed Day people, not that bad once you light up xD

Did you even bother Googling Darwin's theory of evolution?

I think this goes farther than just hockey.


You can't compare the two. That's like comparing...comparing apples and oranges!

Target's carts are sturdier, and more comfortable.
Especially when riding around in one.

This made me think of magnets.

I'm lactose intolerant. It's not that I don't like it, it's that it doesn't like me.

@TheCombatWombat It's all they same. They beleve all th same things, some are just more extreme of others.

No, I don't believe they are. That's like saying the Christians that bomb abortion clinics and Christians in general are the same.

Let's be honest here, people.

That sounds disgusting...