Sometimes you don't feel like existing, but not in a suicidal way -- you just want to disappear for a while, amirite?

I have found myself wishing for a coma before.

@post How did u do it ?

Sheer mad genius.

What's most important: No one else can do it again or it will be removed as a repeat post.

You fear disappointing people you love but it's inevitable, amirite? I'm so sorry if I'm not rite, I'll go buy you a cake or something if I'm not right! Please don't hate me!

I agree but I still want cake.

Not all muslims are terrorists. amirite?


Woah! Don't you see that bu making that broad general statement about ALL Americans, you have become what you hate?

Just as not all Muslims are extremists or terrorists, not all Americans are bastards. Some of us are still born in wedlock.

Teaching students that Evolution or The Big Bang are SCIENTIFIC FACTS is wrong, because in fact they are both theoretical. amirite?

The only thing that can refute theory are facts, and unfortunately IDT hasn't got any either... Unless you consider the probability of Phi being a counsidence- but what's even more mind blowing and hardly ever considered is that all 3 could be correct.

Big Bang: when God said "Let There Be" and "It was," it was probably not a quiet event. Slapping a planet together and merging all of those atoms had to be pretty loud.
Evolution: 1 day for man = 1,000 for God, and Mankind has obviously evolved- as evident in the multiple evolutions a person has in a single lifetime.
Intelligent Design: mathematics are associated with intelligence- and every particle making up this planet is accountable to Phi, and/or rule of 1/3

Interesting to consider, at least;) I'm surprised by how many people assume that Christians can't think scientifically, and how many Christians think just because it's scientific, it's wrong.

The U.S should have no references to God on the money or in the pledge, amirite?
@Why do I need a history lesson?

Puritans vs. Roman Catholicism and the freedom to seek and speak directly to God as you choose instead of going through the corrupt papacy- You know, the reason why the original colonists settled here in the first place. God, Gold, and Glory.

Put down the frickin phone and drive, amirite?
@Well put your phone down and go for a drive like the post says

Better not.

Nice double edged sword you're toting Sir Literalist (p) Touché, indeed.

Click "Yeah You Are!" to vote for Obama, and "No Way!" to vote for Rommey. Let's see who wins this! amirite?

Ron Paul

Everyone arguing about gay rights and same sex marriage while North Korea is aiming it's missiles at us, is sort of nonsensical, amirite?
@xxdetroitxx I agree. But allowing gays to marry is a step in the right direction and who knows maybe it'll lead to true...

Do respective churches each still retain the right to marry whom they choose? Or are they going to wind up being accused of discrimination?

I say, give everyone EQUAL rights to live, believe, practice, as they will while ALL PEOPLE enjoy the same benefits, and the government steps out of marriage all together. Do away with the marriage certificate as a government application-( Let people receive the certificate from their own marriage officials), and replace it with a joint income household tax, property, and asset form.

Presidential Debate 2012: Optimus Prime vs Dumbledore

Obama is more of a wizard and Romney is more of a well oiled machine.

A master villain breaks into your house and ties you to a chair with a gun at your head. "I'll let you live if you kill one person for me" he sneers. "No you dastardly individual, I would never take the life of another human being!" you valiantly shout. He holds up a picture of the person he wants you to kill. Why, it's your ex! You decide to go along with his demands, amirite?

I would pretend to go along with it long enough to take out the master villain, cause I'm a boss.

The sci-fi and fantasy genres are great tools for members of oppressive political societies to use to critique their governments without being persecuted for doing so.

Star Wars, anyone?

"Let's just take a stab at all the governments in the whole world," said George Lucas, maybe.

I read an article that said doctor's #1 pet peeve with patients was waiting for them to arrive. You've seen more people waiting past their appointment time than you've seen doctors waiting on late patients, amirite?
Dont't you hate it when someone hears what you tell them and still dont reply?

Not as much as I hate waiting for the reply that never comes.

New amirite? users: Voting up or down on comments is a good thing, and can be quite fun All amirite users: better than simply voting Other or No Way- would be to comment further on your opinion with a comment, amirite?

New option: Ha! You said "comment with a comment" ... Idiot.