think about it, 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 4! amirite?

I came this <...............> close to voting it down...

I don't understand why people are so amazed when I say that my grandfather survived Auschwitz. I mean, most German officers did, amirite?
You have wondered if languages other than English have their own Grammar Nazis, amirite?

Would the Russians have Grammar Capitalists?

Quick way to piss off people on MLIA; go to comments and post 'pics or it didn't happen', amirite?
@dzukac That would require creating an account. I'm not stooping to that level.

Yeah, I gave up MLIA as soon as I found amirite. Me and dozens of other people

Even if "Friday" is a terrible song, it's sad how it has become acceptable for the entire internet to verbally abuse a 13 year old girl, amirite?
@Tempest_Trance I understand people being able to voice their opinions about how much the video sucks, because God knows I've said...

I agree. You can bash on a person all you want, but as soon as you wish them harm just because they aren't the best singer in the world, you've gone too far.

Republicans: "Look, we need to cut the deficit!" Obama: "Oh ok well let's start out by discontinuing the Bush tax cuts to those whose income is over $250,000.." Repiblicans: "NOOO WE NEED THOSE TAX CUTS TO AFFORD OUR 2ND YAUGHT!! amirite?
The Royal Wedding, live on YouTube.
The Royal Honeymoon, live on RedTube, amirite?
Someone could just collect all the "Girls:" posts on this site and write a book titled "Guys: Your Guide To the Female Mind", amirite?
There are three main criteria that an activity has to meet to be a sport. It has to be competitive, it has to be physically exerting, and it has to be scored in a way that doesn't involve judges because the score they give is arbitrary. This means that swimming, track, and ultimate frizbee are sports. However, NASCAR, cheerleading, golf, and dancing are not. amirite?

Ultimate Frisbee is the best. Period.

Cigarettes are a lot like hamsters, perfectly harmless until you put one in your mouth and light it on fire. amirite?

There aren't enough acronyms on the internet to describe how long I laughed about this.

They should make a pig that sheds it's skin like a snake, so we wouldn't have to kill them for food, amirite?

they have a "Special Hug"...

All of those extreme couponers across America need to get together and propose a budget plan to the president, amirite?

"Excuse me, Mr. President... but North Korea is having a 35% off special this week, so if we mix that with our frequent invaders card, we could get 80% in savings! Think of all the money we'd save this way!"

You know you're in Canada when there's a snow storm in April , amirite?
I'm not religious but - The whole florida 9/11 Qur'an burning, beyond being ethnocentric, is also burning a book that contained the same roots (AKA the old testiment) and spreads Jesus's teachings (he is a major prophet in the Qur'an). It should also be noted that while our flag goes up in flames quite often in areas dominated by radical Islam , Bibles and Toras aren't, they're holy books of go... amirite?
@Janae17 I'm not for burning books personally, BUT he has a right to do that if it's what he believes and what his church...

I agree that he wants the publicity, but don't you think that someone burning Qurans will have serious repercussions in other places in the world? Radical Islam terrorists don't need another reason to attack people; this will only make things worse.