Is there something you do partly because it pisses somebody off?

When I was younger I was willing to cut off my nose to spite my face. Not so much anymore.

Is there something you do partly because it pisses somebody off?

Just the occasional leaving of the shower knob in the shower position instead of the tub-spout.

Is there something you do partly because it pisses somebody off?
I love children. I hate children.

i love children, especially when their parents arent there (because they never seem to have the same behavioural standards i do and it drives me fully bonkers). im a professional nanny, and in the past ive been a daycare teacher and director. i prefer babies and infants because i have a real natural knack for it and it doesnt require as much emotional labour as older children, with whom i like to have good conversations where they can explore their ideas. no way to do that with little bitty babies! just wrap them up and love on them!!! i love babies so much. so sweet and precious and full of potential.

Bella runs the office while I am at work. She has been such a great stress reducer. We have been together for 2 months now. She was actually food for Lilly the snake but Lilly who was sheading wouldn't eat her so she received a pardon and is now my pet at work. Never thought I would become so attached to a little mouse but not sure what I would do without her. It kills me to leave her on the weekends. Security babysits her for me when I am away.

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Adults have to have a reason for everything they do. Only children can get away with saying: I don't know...

Instead of saying I don't know, I would tell my kids to ask their Dad. biggrin smilie

What does the younger you think about the older you?

There's still room for improvement - I'm still working on that.

@BarbOBarr When I was quite ill in the hospital, I didn't think I was coming home. I made a list of ladies I thought would be...

You shared your thoughts and feelings, gave him an escape hatch.

The woman in the story would be your husband in your scenario - where he simply left you. Apples / Oranges.