In Avatar, if waterbenders can bloodbend, they can make their penises rock hard, amirite?

Dick bending?

It's nice when women keep their cellphones in their back pockets, amirite?

Out of sheer curiosity, why do you think so? I'm wondering because I do this.

All living organisms have an undefined KDR (kill death rate). amirite?

I've died 2 times. This is my second life.

Girls with fake nails must really struggle wiping their ass, amirite?

Imagine fingering with fake nails, some girls in porn do it but it looks painful as hell

In an entirely gay world, gay people don't actually need to rely on straight people to reproduce. Lesbians can just surrogate for them. amirite?
@Your forgetting about the part where we didn't have the technology to do this...

If that were the case I'm sure most gay men and lesbians would take one for the team, so to speak, and reproduce the old fashioned way.

No pizza company ever thinks of recruiting The Flash as their delivery guy. amirite?

Because he's not real.

Not all people have internal dialogs with themselves and its very upsetting. amirite?
Nemo's mom was a boy at one point. amirite?

Factually incorrect.

If life with the ability to see didn't exist, all the beauty of the universe would have been wasted. amirite?

The beauty would still be there, we would appreciate it differently

To ensure they cast the correct spells, wizards need good spell checkers. amirite?
@They need proper pronunciation...

They require the correct molds for casting.

2019 will probably be the last year ending with "teen" for most people who read this, amirite?

My aim is to make it to the age 95, then I see the year 2100.

Everyone's car, however crappy, was once a jaw dropper in a car show somewhere. amirite?

If a car was one of hundreds of thousands that were identical, and no one ever put a ton of work on it to trick it out, it was never a jaw dropper at a car show.

It's funny how Universal studios' logo is the Earth, a planet that accounts less than 0.0001% of the solar system. amirite?

Yea but a drawing of white dots on a black wall doesnt make for a very convincing logo.......

Everyone knows what their first drink was, amirite?
If you freeze it, you can eat any solid liquids. amirite?

If it's frozen, then it is no longer a liquid... That's how states of matter work...