About me.

Hello. The names Briana.
I've always wanted to be a frequent shooper at a comic book store. Never got the chance,sadly.
I have a piggy bank painted like a cow. It's pretty cool.
I don't have a butt chin like some people.
When i don't like some my best method to get rid of them, Is creep, just creep them out. That's how i do.
I'm in love with this site but I'm really scared that it will be overruled by the wrong people and will change completely. :/
The Office,Adventure Time, SNL, That '70s show,Tosh.o,Robot Chicken,Dexter's Lab,Malcolm in the Middle,Cake Boss,Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,Degrassi and many more..
My favorite movies go on and on so i won't even start.
Same with my favorite artists but i will say that Led Zeppelin is just outstanding.
Thats me!
OH! And...
Everyone who knows me. Knows i am obsessed with chapstick and lotion. Always putting them on. So know you know.