The only reason Americans prefer AM/PM to "military time" is because they find it hard to count to 24 so they stop at 12 and start again amirite?

People in other countries do it as well, it's not just us.

You got your freshmen, ROTC guys, preps, J.V. jocks, Asian nerds, Cool Asians, Varsity jocks Unfriendly black hotties, Girls who eat their feelings, Girls who don't eat anything, Desperate wannabes, Burnouts, Sexually active band geeks, amirite?

I ADORE mean girls.

The movie, I mean. Not girls who are really mean.

I was one of those people who were for McCain, not on the basis that he had more experience but rather he was the better choice. People said I was racist or wasn't for America. He did not give lofty promises, nor did he glamorize what he was. He was honest in what he was going to do. Now Obama is sending more troops to Iraq, a large reason for why he got elected. This is so wrong amirite?

People called me racist for being for McCain too. People can be so stupid, hahah.

It's completely hypocritical how some atheists go off about how people try to force their religion on them when they, themselves, talk about how moronic it is to believe in God and try to constantly show how enlightened their atheistic beliefs are, amirite?

ha I was just talking about this! its so hypocritical, rude, and just mean. it drives me insane. I used to really respect this one boy until he started this and now I can't stand him.

After running a long distance, you just feel plain amazing. amirite?

That's the best part!

I just lost something I never had, to someone who deserved it more, but I still feel like I've been punched in the gut, amirite?

Knowing you didn't deserve it doesn't even help you feel better does it? :(

So; a guys treats you really special, says he loves you and you fall in love with him. It's wrong if the next week he treats you like he never knew you, amirite?

I'm in the eexact same situation as you right now :( and he texts my best friend all the time and never ever talks to me!

You shouldn't tell me you like me, and flirt with me all day, and then talk about how your going to go see your girlfriend in a few days, amirite?

I relate to this so deeply right now!
Ugh, boys.

It's annoying when someone says they love you, but then they stop talking to you the next day. amirite?

eh, you're right. it was just a 'love you.' hahah

Lady Gaga should dress like a normal human being, starting with wearing some pants. amirite?

I love her just the way she is! :)

It's so annoying... when people misuse... ellipses... amirite?

You'd hate this girl I know, all of her facebook statuses are like, "Wheeeere's the popcornnnn... I'm so, hunnnngry..."

After reading a couple of these, you want to shoot the next person that says "Am I right?", amirite?

You mean you. Right?

Sometimes the enjoyment of a good book can be ruined by all the work you have to do along with it for school, amirite?

two words, great expectations.
id LOVE that book if not for school.

Great Expectations is one of those few books, that school forces you to read, that is really enjoyable. amirite?

Ah, omg, I do love Lord of the Flies! I'm only in ninth grade, so they haven't made me read that yet. I can't wait until they do, because I've already read it and its a favorite.

He just told me I'm his second choice after my best friend. That hurts, amirite?
@At least you're not third choice?

, I wish I was that optomistic :/