All mothers must be Huffelpuffs, because they're particularly good finders. amirite?

I would have voted yes, but you spelled Hufflepuff wrong.

Why do I have to ask for cheese on my burger? They're meant to be together, amirite?

Jews can't have cheese on their burgers.

When you were young, you had cartoon gummy vitamins (ie:Flintstones, Scooby Doo...), amirite?

I voted down because I still have those.

People say eating bugs is gross but a hamburger is just as gross, you take a cow shoot him, skin him, chop him into tiny pieces and roast him, amirite?
It's annoying when Hipsters who are obviously Hipster, refuse to admit they are Hipster. amirite?

Dude, hipster is not an adjective. Hipsters don't say they're hipster.

Agreeing with my parents on moral, or political issues, does not make me a mindless, obediant, follower, with no original thought. amirite?

There's a difference between agreeing with your parents because you've actually thought about it and decided you feel the same way and agreeing with your parents because they say it's right.

You love kittens, so fluffy and cute... But then they turn into cats. amirite?

I love kittens even when they grow into cats. ♥

Ok, smoking is gross, but sometimesjust sometimesit looks cool. Like James Dean. amirite?

In the words of my brother:
"Smoking is only cool if you're wearing a suit."

Always end the name of your child with a vowel, so that when you yell, the name will carry. amirite?

My name is Becca, and my dad told me that's why he named me that, but I hate it because then every time someone says my name they like, blend it into the next word in the sentence. It sucks. Haha.

Aaron Tveit should be on Glee, amirite?

Aaron Tveit should be in my bed.
Just saying.

Sometimes it's annoying to have a really good memory, because when you can recall a fact about someone that normal people don't remember, you look like a creepy stalker, amirite?

Story of my life

@legilimency is about reading people's thoughts, therefore extracton. inception is planting the thoughts.

Technically, legilimency is not "reading" thoughts. Minds cannot be read like books. They are too complex. But you have the right point. Legilimency is seeing thoughts. Inception is planting thoughts.

It's not fair that I pay hundreds of dollars for a plane ticket then have to pay extra to use their internet, amirite?

Remember those days when there was no internet anywhere? People went more than a plane ride's time without it. I think you can last for 2 hours without it.

Three things someone says that means they're a hipster: Clothes: "I got this flannel at Savers." Music: "So, I found this new band. You probably haven't heard of them..." About themselves: "I am not a hipster.", amirite?
@i love finding new bands that no one has heard of :) and no I'm not a hipster lol i wear non hipster clothes haha

I'm not saying that makes you a hipster. But that's something that hipsters do. They are "non-conformists."

You don't share foot with people because you want to. You share food with people so you don't look fat and greedy, amirite?
@Shadi Are you insinuating that feet are food?

(Chauncy Pickles): Haha. Wow. That was totally my bad. It's supposed to say food.