We've been hearing so much about one trillion here, 2.7 Trillion there, we've forgotten what the next denomination is. amirite

Quadrillion, quadrilateral... it's the geometry prefixes

A near-empty phone battery causes more panic than a near-empty gas tank, amirite?

If you live in rural areas, this is not true.

There's less than 3 months before we finish the ‘10s', amirite?

The first century ended with the year 100.

The twentieth century ended with the year 2000.

The '10s end with the year 2020.

Change my mind.

Maybe Pigeons are secretly security drones which recharge their batteries by landing on electrical wires. That's why there's so damn many of them. amirite?

From Russia with love

I dunno anytime I think of a dream I alway remember two I had back in kindergarten (in college now) I still remember them pretty clearly, but to be fair they are the only ones I remember

Bats in Australia are heading in the same direction as us, amirite?

Nope. 9am is still early for me. Working a later shift does that

Watching a recording of a TV show feels lonelier than watching it live, amirite?
Adding the prefix "Shadow-" to any object makes it sound infinitely cooler. amirite?
If Santa is real, he gets all the money for the gifts from being paid to appear in ads, amirite?

So much of the rest of it would require magic, why would he need money?

Your handwriting is technically just your hands accent, amirite?
Gin is Vodka with sugar free flavoring. amirite?

Can you explain this to someone who knows nothing about liquor except basic distillation

What we consider high tech today will one day be considered crude by future generations, amirite?

The Tesla's cars.

The more bodies we bury the less room we have to walk on, amirite?

Wood chipper solves that