People really need to quit using < or > in their posts because most people dont know which means greater and which means less. For example spiderman > batman... WTF!? amirite?

Education system fail. This post is kind of scary..

At least most of the people that commented seem to know what's up.

Wanting to go to college 8 hours away from home just to be far away is stupid. You can go to a college just as good in the same state. And being only 2 hours away from home makes life so much easier when you have to travel home for the holidays or whatever, amirite?
@Magic1 Most of my friends want to go to colleges so far away from home just so they can be far away from home. Things like...

They may be able to go to a "good" school, but maybe not the best. In cases like you've said where the only reason they went there was to get far away, I agree that it's a little ridiculous, but I find it hard to believe that there weren't other factors influencing their decisions.

But for example, my major is only offered at about 10 schools in the country, so there are specialized programs out there where a person may have to travel a bit to go there. Most people probably won't have that interest, but it is a possibility.

I'm sorry all your friends will be far away from you, but I also think that maybe going off on their own, and away from all of their friends will force them to try new things and be with different people, while if they were closer to home and current friends they may not experience as many things because they could fall back on hanging out with the same people.

My whipped iced dairy drink brings the attentions of many males to my place of residence and/or employment, and they declare that its quality far surpasses that of yours. Absolutely, it far surpasses yours. I could convey you to the proverbial recipe, but I would have to demand compensation, amirite?

This sounded familiar to me too. Not the exact wording, but I'm pretty sure something similar has been posted.

That one is a similar idea, there may be more too.

It would be great if you had an invisible dancing frog on your head, amirite?

I think it (he/she) would mess up my hair. :/

You know those people that say "Give me _," or "I want ____" when ordering food?
I want to kill them, amirite?

This makes me nervous about eating out, because I can't remember what I say... I don't mean to say anything rude. :o

I think I say "Can I get ___?" and then if they say yes, then I say thanks. If they say no, I say (in my head) "oh shit oh shit, pick something else, quick!"

I hope this is acceptable..

I find it funny that most religious people are not intelligent enough to come up with a better answer than "Because Jesus loves us" or "Because he is all-powerful" when you question their beliefs, amirite?
@There are plenty. The atheist petitioned to rid the schools of saying prayers. Done. They stopped the schools from...

(IsaidWhat?): I think anything other than a social studies class that teaches about all religions in schools is going to have some issues with anything dealing with God or religion or any of that because of the separation of church and state. Although that's not even in the constitution or anywhere like most people think it is. But whatever. We have freedom of religion, including the freedom to have no religion.

I've never heard of any people fighting to make churches take down crosses though.. And I think that you are judging a lot of atheists that aren't that extreme. Just like people judge a lot of Christians (or Muslims..) that aren't as extreme as the few who go out and protest things.

You cannot think that it is a large percentage of atheists that want churches to take down crosses. I've never heard of this happening anywhere, is there a link you could show me so that I can understand how you think so many atheists care enough about this?

You used to think Spongebob was a piece of cheese, amirite?

haha, Cheesebob Squarepants.

I find it funny that most religious people are not intelligent enough to come up with a better answer than "Because Jesus loves us" or "Because he is all-powerful" when you question their beliefs, amirite?
@"....most people who aren't religious aren't judgmental or rude towards people who believe..." Then why have the...

(IsaidWhat?): I'm not really sure what you're referring to, I don't think I keep up on all current events as well as I probably should.

But I'm sure whatever it is, it isn't every single atheist fighting to take down things. I'm sure many don't care and aren't bothered by it. Which was the point I was trying to make. Some people are very outgoing and are very much against what other people believe (whether they're against people who are religious or people who are against people who are atheists or agnostic or from a different religion) and we all know that happens. But I think the majority of people are able to have respect for others beliefs and can deal with differences.

Fellow Brits: You were genuinely shocked to find out that Americans don't have vinegar....amirite?
@Skyl3r ...What's HP sauce?

I'm in Michigan, in the U.S. and I've never seen HP sauce anywhere but in the UK.

@340630 (Skyl3r): The HP in HP sauce stands for Houses of Parliament, which are pictured on the bottles. I like to eat it with french fries/chips.

When you think about the lack of clothes some Disney princesses have, it really makes you wonder how much of a pervert Walt Disney was, amirite?

Because Walt Disney was even alive when they made Aladdin or The Little Mermaid?.. I thought he died in 1966 or something.

It's called soda, not pop. The only reason people call it "pop" is because of the sound made when you open the can. Thats stupid.... amirite?
@most people in wisconsin call it "soda." sry bout that..dunno why i typo'd that bad. =/

At least you spelled Wisconsin right.

I think this site has some interesting maps showing differences in soda/pop/coke/other in the U.S.

And I don't think calling something pop because it makes a popping sound is stupid. There are much dumber names for things that make a lot less sense out there.

It's really annoying when people write there smiley faces like this (: rather then this :) the first way looks like two eyes with a unibrow! amirite?

You just need to turn your head the right way... [:

You felt cheated when you found out that Jim and Pam's wedding was a rip off - dance move by dance move - of an online video. =/, amirite?

Haha, it was actually a very popular video (my parents even saw it, which should tell you something) featured and mentioned on many sites, so they were just referencing a current pop culture event, like that show and others tend to do. That's what makes it funny.

And as an earlier comment says, they even mentioned the youtube video in the episode.

when you were a kid and your nintendo game was not working you always took out the cartridge and blew in it and it magically worked again, amirite?

What do you mean "when you were a kid"? Haha, when my NES acts up, I still do that to fix it.

The white crayon has discovered the secret of immortality, amirite?

I only use it on colored construction paper or when coloring Easter eggs :)

So yeah, I've had the same once since I was like 7.