Guys don't like it when girls have their hair back. It makes you look less attractive. amirite?

Your hair looks sexy pushed back.

You know an asian guy named Kevin, amirite?

KevJumbaaa! I like it. (in his dad's voice)

It's called winter break, not Christmas break. You don't call summer break 4 of July break. Be more general; Christmas is just one day out of the 2 or 3 weeks you get off, amirite?

How is this homepaged.

It's annoying when people get one zit and complain about it to someone that has to deal with horrid acne all the time. amirite?

It's more noticable when your whole face is clear except for one blemish than when you have a lot and you just add one to the family.

You just started breathing manually, amirite?

You just tried to stop breathing manually and get on with your life. amirite?

You know why you have a birthday? Because your parents like having sex, amirite?

I feel like this ties in with the post below yours.

Girls: no matter how much you straighten it, theres always that one section of hair on your head that won't stay straight, amirite?

It's the hipster section of your hair that won't do what the rest are doing.

Sports would be a lot more interesting and a lot more extreme if they were to the death, amirite?

"What is with you lately? Everything is 'to the death.'"
"Not everything."
"Two nights ago, we went out for pizza, and you said, 'Pizza to the death.' I mean, what does that even mean? And remember, 'Movies to the death?' What's going on, man? "

American Dad quotes to the death anyone?

It's too bad that more people can't openly admit that knit or crochet for fear of being criticized, made fun of or being labeled, amirite?


anyone who has something to say can meet me in the alley behind Walmart at 9. Bring weapons.

The bible approved of slavery and so should the rest of the world, amirite?
According to Democrats, I, a wealthy person, have to give away all my money to some fat ass who is too lazy to get off his fat fucking ass and find a job so he will be rich. What a stupid political belief, amirite?

You know there is a such thing as the working middle class.

Procrastinators unite at the mall every Christmas Eve, amirite?

This is me RSVP-ing.

It's awesome haveing a cell phone with internet during class, amirite?

Especially during math classs.

The optimist sees the donut while the pessimist sees the whole, amirite?

ugh. *hole