It's interesting how babies are actually born sort of as animals, all crawling and not comprehending (nor caring) for math and schedules and work and whatnot, but we as humans train them to become all human-y by teaching them to walk and do taxes. We train the little clumsy monkeys to become civilized and boring humans just like everybody else. It's not the race that is like this, it's the training. We're not naturally this way, we train each other to become this, amirite?

@x3lovelife: I just read that entire article. I am now on the verge of tears and sick to my stomache. I just can't imagine anything like that. It's truly horrifying.

Your biggest fear is being lonely, amirite?

Drowning. That is all.

Sometimes being a teenager in a long term relationship (over a year) has far more negative consequences than positive ones, amirite?
@Emaphina I totally agree, but give a few examples?

Yeah... We never got to see each other. Different schools, different grades... Oh, and his mother didn't want to see her 16 year old son "grow up" by letting him date.

It would suck ass if you had to write a summary for the license agreement in order to agree to it, amirite?

Shhhh...don't give them ideas.

Whenever you try to say 'horror' it comes out sounding like 'whore', amirite?

Whore-er. Darn Southern roots...

Its just stupid when people on Facebook make their name something like, "Shawnte stuntinBe'swagginn Jackson", amirite?

Just a few I have seen...the last two particularly irritate me.

<firstname> ShadowKiller <lastname>
<firstname> SauceBoss <lastname>
<firstname> and<boyfriendsname> ForeverLove
<firstname> BabiiGurlzz<3 <lastname>

You've had a dream involving characters from a TV show, amirite?

Way too many about Criminal Minds...

Sometimes being a teenager in a long term relationship (over a year) has far more negative consequences than positive ones, amirite?
@Emaphina I totally agree, but give a few examples?

I have been on and off with the same guy for the past two years, and now we are done for good. I have dated nobody but him for almost 3 years, and I promise it's not easy. I don't even know how to have a relationship with anyone else, let alone a physical one, seeing as how we never got to see each other and only kissed once. Pus, there's a lot of emotional crap left over after the relationship ends.

It'd be nice if dogs/cats lived as long as their owners amirite?

My cousin showed me this after we had to put our St. Bernard down for bone cancer. I pretty much cried on her shoulder for an hour after that.
Image in content

You are very overprotective with some of your things, amirite?

My stuffed wolf, Nanuuk ... wary smilie

Sometimes a dream can influence your mood for the rest of the day, amirite?

I once dreamed about my mom having another kid, so my little sister would know what it feels like to not be the "baby" of the family. I'm now starting to think it's a really good idea.

It's really awkward when your parents make sex jokes and you are not sure if you should laugh or pretend you don't know what they are talking about. amirite?

My mom is pretty cool with that kind of thing. She makes jokes like that all the time, and I guess I'm just used to it. My dad gets really uncomfortable, so he never does it.
Now, granparents are an entirely different level. I went and saw the movie "Ted" with my granparents. Enough said.

You kinda want your grandparents to die already so you can see what you inherited. amirite?

Hell no.I can't speak for the rest of ya'll, but I don't know what I would do if my Papaw passed away. He is just a genuinely good person, who I have always been able to go to. Just the thought of him dying makes me cry. You can't replace love, and memories with money and inheritance. I'm sorry, but it just doesn't work that way.

You didn't like how in the Hunger Games they got some chubby girl to play Katniss when in the books he was described as being highly fit, amirite?

It is true that Katniss was described as being small and thin in the book, but you can't have some scrawny emaciated looking girl on screen without it looking bad on the directors and producers' part.
Also, Jennifer Lawrence is not chubby. She is actually a bit on the thin side.

It's annoying when somebody butts into your argument with dumb interjections like, "I'm pretty sure The Hunger Games wasn't based on a true story" or, "You're a horrible person for saying that it should be legal to throw tomatoes at fat people." Keep your thoughts to yourself, amirite?

There was this one time my friend and I were talking about the pros and cons of dating someone in a popular band, a con being the thousands of fans crushing and obsessing over what is theoretically "ours". This girl interupted us by saying, and I quote, "just so you know, there are, like, 6 trillion people in the world. Not just a thousand. "