Girls: It sucks when you go to sleep on white sheets and wake up on a Japanese flag, amirite?

thats gross, period.

You wish there was a polite way to say "I really don't want to go to your party," amirite?

"Bitch i dont like you" is polite enough for me

Competition for college in our generation is going to be rough, due to all the MLIA-ers getting extra credit on their tests for drawing ninjas, amirite?

haha one time the question was "what is a mudra" and my answer was something about seadragons that run rampant in the baltic sea, and all i got was the question wrong and a appointment with the vice principals

People complain too much on airplanes. like "For real? I cant get hi speed internet?! AND MY CHAIR DOESNT LEAN BACK!" .... "Dude, you are sitting in a chair... IN THE GOD DAMN SKY!", amirite?

im happy if i just get some pretzels and the plane doesnt crash.

You want to punch all of those people that protested that gay soldiers funeral, amirite?

its amazing how stupid those people who protest those funerals are. the soldier died fighting for the country that he/she believes in. and those people have the audacity to go to their funeral and say their going to hell. its amazing that no one has seriously went over there and give them what they deserve.....

The two worst words a wife could hear her husband say are 'marry me', amirite?

or how about "divorce bitch" i dont think that would go over very well with her ither

Out of all the TV theme songs, the Big Bang Theory is probably the most creative, amirite?

although the big bang theorys theme is great, the fresh prince of bel air's theme song is probbably my favourite

unnecessary war? they're trying to stop a genocide from happening....remember the last time somone didnt step in?

Even though we're a public high school, we should be allowed to call it a Christmas tree, and not have to refer to it as a "holiday tree,", amirite?

if your seriously offended by people calling it a christmas tree, then you seriously need to LOSSEN THE FUCK UP.

It's hard to imagine a reasonable person who would convert to a different religion simply because someone rang their doorbell and gave them a one-minute speech about it, and yet bible pushers still exist, amirite?

lol i answered the door one time on a jahovas witness and i had on my jesus shirt, and onced he realized i had it on he just stood there and talked to me about basketball for the next half hour.

I'm not trying to offend anyone, but it's sad how fat america is becoming. It's really not healthy. Stores and restraunts need to start selling healthier food and smaller portion sizes. Plus people need to take the extra five minutes to cook something healthy instead of eating fast food; Amirite?

i think people are thinking that the poster is saying they are obese, being overweight can be as simple as if a girl has bigger boobs then they have a higher likelyhood of being "overweight" now thats not saying that the person is ugly as quite the contrary as i know lots of people being "overweight" but yet they look phenomanel. it all depends on your body type,where your fat is stored, muscle's, and BMI. lets not all get our panties up in a bunch because we have a differant opinion then the poster, although i believe the postedr should go about a differant way then calling people names

It's unfair that girls have to wear something on their chests at the beach when us guys don't have to. They should stop wearing bikini tops as a sign of protest, amirite, amirite?

in canada girls are allowed to go topless in public places aslong as there isn't a shirt rule. although i have never seen a girl actually walking around topless as of yet....

If figure skating was easy it would be called hockey, amirite?

its amazing how noone is saying how hard hockey is to play... sure figure skating is hard but once you learn it you learn it, but in hockey there are are hundreds of things that you have to knoe, from following the puck, other players, shooting, passing, following the many many rules, both are hard but id have to say hockey is the harder sport

Thousand Foot Krutch, Skillet, Family Force 5 and Run Kid Run are amazing Christian bands, amirite?

relient k

It's awkward when someone coughs, because you don't know what to say to them, amirite?