You wish there was a polite way to say "I really don't want to go to your party," amirite?

"Bitch i dont like you" is polite enough for me

It sucks when you're settling down to watch a movie at the cinema and BAM human giraffe sits infront of you. amirite?

remi gaillard human giraffe-->YouTube video thumbnail

Competition for college in our generation is going to be rough, due to all the MLIA-ers getting extra credit on their tests for drawing ninjas, amirite?

haha one time the question was "what is a mudra" and my answer was something about seadragons that run rampant in the baltic sea, and all i got was the question wrong and a appointment with the vice principals

It's hard to imagine a reasonable person who would convert to a different religion simply because someone rang their doorbell and gave them a one-minute speech about it, and yet bible pushers still exist, amirite?

lol i answered the door one time on a jahovas witness and i had on my jesus shirt, and onced he realized i had it on he just stood there and talked to me about basketball for the next half hour.

You hate it when you ask the teacher a question, and the entire time they're answering it, they stare you straight in the eyes, and its awkward, but you can't look away because they're staring at you, amirite?

haha my teacher used to call me out on this because i would never look her in the eyes even though i never realised it. i would subconciosly look around while i was talking to her or if she was talking to me

The cutest thing an animal can do is when a cat tilts it's head to the side and gives you the 'WTF are you doing?' look. Amirite?

the cutest thing a animal can do is when a puppy is running and their ears are flapping, head in going back and forth, and they have the biggest smile on their face. makes me laugh every time

Girls: You wonder if guys talk about us as much as we talk about them, amirite?

as, but it does happen. honestly me and my friends do it most often whenever we've been out drinking and tryin to go to sleep...dunno why but thats just what we do

Everyone but Yankees fans HATE the Yankees, amirite?

lol same thing with the red wings in the NHL or the lakers in the NBA they just hate cuz there the best at what they do.

If you have a sore throat it's always twice as bad in the morning. amirite?

usually i would have agreed but today my throat is feeling absolutely amasing especially after last i could barely talk, swallow, or even breathe. i like your post though

Go to the comments section of this post, right click and paste. Show us the last thing you copied. This will be fun, amirite?

YouTube video thumbnailno idea what this link is...

You often wonder if teachers gossip about students in the staffroom, amirite?
@AppAwesome 4 months= ~120 days. 2/7 of those are weekends. Which is only ~85 days.

february,march,april,may,june, i was still in highschool at this time

The two worst words a wife could hear her husband say are 'marry me', amirite?

or how about "divorce bitch" i dont think that would go over very well with her ither

When getting all A's... my parents do not proceed to buy me a mustang or get me the latest branded fashion. Instead a pat on the back and a "good job kiddo", amirite?

haha you guys shoulda done what i did, start off doing shit the first couple years then when you actually need the grades for something good actually start trying, went from keeping my average around a 60 to getting honour role when i needed the grades to get into college

How scary a movie is depends on how you watch it. If you watch it with your friends with the lights on it's not that scary but if you watch it by yourself in a pitch black room it's terrifying, amirite?

i was watching the newest nightmare on elm street last nigth at my friends house with him and his sister, and every time something scary was about to happen his sister would jerk her hand and push my leg and make some noise because she knows i dont like scary movies, idk about you but my its usually scarier with my friends because they just fuck with me the whole time.

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Horses that lose are made into glue, amirite?

roses are sweet, violets are fine, you be the six, and ill be the nine<-- heard that one on mtv live today and found it pretty funny