Aldi is Trader Joe's for moms. amirite?

trader joe's is trader joe's for moms

The thing you have had for longest is probably something you use the least, amirite?
We all only live because a few billion years ago a massive star exploded which created carbon atoms, amirite?

NO!! God did it! It was in the year 0. Real facts.

The most hopeful and optimistic thing a person can do is move a cell phone 5 inches closer to the sky in hopes of catching a signal, amirite?

Can you hear me now? How about now?

Sheldon Cooper is Dr. Lilith Crane, amirite?

Sheldon is better looking.

Friday nights alright for fighting, so try to get a little action in. amirite?
@Thatoneduderyan Dude, you'll be too tired to fight Elton John tomorrow. 😂😂

Saw Elton in a dust up in a London bar in 1967: one mean SOB! I wouldn't take a chance with him 50 years ago, much less now.


You have a medical disorder called "the internet"

You were most likely asleep 12 hours ago. amirite?

True dat

If a woman has XX chromosomes and a male has XY Chromosomes then the title XXX for straight porn makes sense, amirite?
A sphere has no front, amirite?

It's all fronts

If you masturbate then you pleasure yourself. If you pleasure yourself you are pleasuring the same sex. Thus if you masturbate then you are gay. amirite?

Only if you look in a mirror while pleasuring yourself

Olive oil is WD-40 for the kitchen, amirite?
Humans are tools made by plants so that they can go to other planets and colonize it, amirite?

And I've killed every plant I've owned so when they take back over, I'm in big trouble

We might have masturbated to dead people, amirite?
Most people think Cruella de Vil is evil for wanting to kill dogs for their fur, but do the exact same thing whenever they buy leather, amirite?

No really, as none of the leather or fur comes from dogs, which have special status, at least in the West, as companions of humans.