People who were born deaf probably think that Bomb, Comb, and Tomb all rhyme, amirite?
@Nlphbtsms Really? How do words rhyme in sign language? Good point about the lip reading though I didn't think about that

Words in asl are all based on certain elements. Hand shape, movement, location etc. So if you are making the same movement in the same location (like tapping your wrist to say time) that can rhyme with something like doctor or nurse, which are taping the sign hand shape for d or n respectively on your wrist, rather than with your pointer finger. That might not be the best example but I hope it makes sense

If mall Santas said "What do you want from me?" instead of "What do you want for Christmas?", they wouldn't have as many kids sitting on their laps. amirite?

Omg I laughed way to hard at this

Renegade sisters, blisters, salivate, litigate, liberate, amirite?
@Johannheidar90 No, you were asking what the label is called

Maybe you should add "rhetorical" to you blather stream.

Future generations studying history will likely have to study tweets. amirite?

AP US History students will have tweets on their DBQs.

Frodo was the only owner of the ring to never use it in battle, amirite?
@Robisrael He didn't kill anybody/thing while wearing it

He used it when he was in battle and hid from the ring wraiths I believe it's fellowship that he does and again in two towers

Future generations studying history will likely have to study tweets. amirite?
Somebody had to be a taste tester for dog food and cat food, amirite?
Funerals are the only events a death person attends. amirite?

And occasionally exhumations!

Some day, kids will be doing family tree projects and finding out that their great grandparent was a famous youtuber. amirite?

Grandma. You made how much on Onlyfans??!?

"The human brain is the most complex structure in the entire universe", amirite?

That's what it wants you to think

If giraffes spoke with human vocal chords, they would probably have really deep voices. amirite?

Or really high voices

It could be that we like salt so much because we used to salt food to preserve it so salty food = safe food, amirite?
@Dairyqueenemployee We like salt because salt enhances flavour.

That's true and I wonder if the fact that salty food used to be related to safe food encourages us to enjoy the flavours produced by salt

If the Harry Potter world was real then wizarding porn stars could sell their own Polyjuice Potion to fans so they could spice up things in the bedroom. amirite?

Spice up things in the bedroom or extreme identity theft

If you weight 200lbs on Earth then you weigh 76lbs on Mars, therefore not fat just on the wrong planet. amirite?

Stares at scale

Still 90kg. Imma fat.

Calling someone heavyset is a nice way of saying fat. amirite?