Far fewer people would drink if they experienced the hangover first, and then the nice bit. amirite?

This falls under, "Things would be different if things were different."

Flipping burgers for yourself is considered independence. Flipping burgers for others you don't know is considered demeaning. Flipping burgers for others you do know is considered an honor. amirite?

I think the big difference between these is the reward you get:

flipping for yourself, you're rewarded by getting to eat a burger made just the way you like it.

flipping for strangers, after an hour or so you're rewarded by getting enough money to buy maybe 3 burgers for yourself. That's demeaning because it really isn't a good reward at all.

And flipping for friends rewards you by giving something back to the people you like and potentially by being able to show off.

It doesn't make sense that a majority of stores are open 9-5 when most people work 9-5, amirite?
@Icy-layer Stores are usually open til 8 or 9. When stores were open during the day only, it was because women were at home...

My biggest shock when I went to Ireland for my honeymoon was that all the stores closed around 5. Since my whole day was planned with activities we didn't have time to see any shots in a lot of towns. Very weird.

Since 9 out of 10 dentists recommend Crest toothpaste, It must not work. It would cost them business if it did its job. amirite?
Headlines using "Butcher" making reference to a serial killer are much more common than headlines using "butcher" to talk about an actual butcher, amirite?

Why would there be a headline talking about an actual butcher?

Before we were born, we were inside a penis and a vagina, amirite?

Don't do this to us

The teenage mutant ninja turtles are likely all virgins, amirite?

Who needs sex when you have pizza?

Wood will probably be considered a luxury building material, like marble, when we colonise other star systems. amirite?

This is also why amber is like the rarest natural "gemstone" (to our knowledge at least) in the universe: you need life to create it, and even on a planet teeming with life, it is still pretty rare.

If there was nothing before life, there's probably nothing after it. amirite?

This is why you should just enjoy your life. You have nothing to fear, everyone will die anyways and everything will be meaningless one day. So why do you worry so much?

Enjoy life, it's a short ride.

Horseless carriages gave us speed but took our option to eat the engine in a pinch. amirite?

Fast food, on the hoof.

Westerners commonly get a lot of plate fright about "weird food" but they're usually totally fine with eating cow tit splooge left to rot in a cave for years. amirite?

Anthony Bourdain wants a word with you

Being realistic is considered a virtue everywhere, except in corporate offices where it is often equated to being pessimistic. amirite?

Honestly this is what got me down about management work. you could actually see them looking at you grinning at you just waiting for you to lie to them and tell them things are 'really gonna drive sales' etc. Makes me wanna puke.

The life of a photon is pretty sad. Millions of years bouncing around the sun, minutes of freedom before smashing against planets and stuff, amirite?
No fact can be proven once everybody has made up their mind it's false. amirite?

Unless you can prove it scientifically.

We are the closest thing to a perpetual motion machine... amirite?

Yeah the same could be said for internal combustion engines, electric engines, essentially every engine that converts fuel to motion.