Fear is a drug delivered by screen. amirite?
She couldn't have chosen a worse place to sell seashells. amirite?
@Robisrael Sally sells seashells by the seashore is a common tongue twister.

Interesting! Had never heard her referred to by a name. I learned "She".

Adults make fun of kids that believe in Santa and fantasy but then themselves go on to believe any old thing they read on the internet, amirite?

Adults are so ridiculous...
Everyone nows Santa exists he even appears at the malls once he finished preparing the presents.

Some people believe those that blink when others pretend to hit them are weak and cowardly, but that actually indicates their brain is smart enough to protect their eyes when danger approaches their face. amirite?
@Openeyes Unless you do combat sports which involve striking. There keeping your eyes open gives you an advantage for quick...

Meanwhile I often don't blink or flinch because I'm just not paying attention to things around me and even if I do notice something my reaction time is generally measure in second.

We all hate our lives but if someone asks us to put all our problems in a bag and give the option to choose another baggage from the bunch, we'd probably pick our own. amirite?

I don't think everybody hates their life

Already rich people seem to get lots of things for free while the people who aren't rich or are poor and are in actual need dont. amirite?

What you're only now realizing that capitalism is bad?

A surprising amount of people view their bodies as accessories rather than vessels, amirite?

It is a vessel that you can accessorize

Being a "critical thinker" and questioning the narrative used to be a desirable trait. amirite?

"used to be" ? It is a desirable trait in the professional world, and historically questioning the accepted narrative was ostracized - many great critical thinkers were killed or imprisoned. So I am kind of puzzled by your point.

Today socially - many people are just patently contrarian, not critical thinkers. They think just becasue the are against the popular opinion they are being critical, regardless of evidence. THIS is a very big issue today.

Every day is sunny if you're high enough. amirite?

What do you smoke to see bright lights? /s

In the attempt to conserve dental floss, you normally end up wasting the floss. amirite?

Name checks out

Two people could be born at the exact same moment but have a different birthdate depending on their timezones. amirite?

I actually know a guy who's born in australia, i'm austrian (i know already confusing), whos birthday is one day after mine so i'm older but he's actually older

Some people masturbate more than they brush their teeth. amirite?

Jokes on you, I don't do either...

There must be a well read published text with a typo that nobody has ever noticed, amirite?

How would you prove that? If you ever found an example it would no longer be an example

Humans are the only species which looks at "being fat" as a bad trait while choosing a mate. amirite?

Some African tribes pride themselves on being overweight. I've seen a documentary about young girls being force fed camels milk..

If you're rich enough, the entire museum is a gift shop. amirite?

If you're British enough, the entire world is your gift shop.