We have all done something illegal, whether it be as small as jay-walking across a deserted street or as big as mudering your neighbor, amirite?

When I was 6, I saw a bird magnet without a price tag on it, so I assumed it was free. I wasn't completely sure, so I tried to ask my parents, but they ignored me until we were in the car. Holding up the magnet, I asked, "Is this free?". My parents were like "It is now." I still have the magnet.

Imagine how long it would take to decide on a company name. It's like your username, except it actually matters, amirite?

If I ever open up a tatoo shop I'm calling it Totes Tats.

If you find out that your best friend's boyfriend is going to break up with her, you should tell her, even if you're friends with her boyfriend, amirite?

They wouldn't. They'd do it on Pluto.

"I agree" is one of the least intellectually stimulating statements in the English language, amirite?
the "tooth fairy" gave you 10 to 20 dollars every time you lost a tooth. amirite?

I got the loose change from my dad's pockets.

Jesus can walk on water. Humans are 75% water. I can walk on humans. Therefore, I am 75% Jesus, amirite?
@sansa Jesus can walk on water. Watermelons are 92% water. I can walk on watermelons. I am 92% Jesus!

You can walk on watermelons? Now THAT is a miracle. I always loose my balance, with them being all rounded and rolly and all.

Bristol Palin should not be the one promoting abstinence, that's like Chris Brown promoting healthy relationships or Snookie being the spokesperson in preventing skin cancer, amirite?

In thus case, I think she's using herself as a bad example. saying "If you have sex, you'll end up like Bristol Palin" is a great way to scare people into abstinence.

You think it sucks for my friend that her school's grading system goes A B C F, no D, it's either an acceptable grade a complete fail amirite?
@YeahIAm That can only happen if: 1.) You're stupid. The most likely scenario. 2.) You didn't learn enough in the previous...

Your response really bugs me. Don't call people stupid who actually try and put effort into learning. People learn in different ways and there are millions if people with learning challenges. Don't call them stupid just because it doesn't come as easily to them as it does to you.

In heaven there's probably a Taco Bell on every corner, amirite?

In heaven, there's a Taco Bell with REAL meat.

In order to save the world, we should all go on MLIA and vote no on all new submissions, amirite?
You know somebody's a 90s kid if he/she was born between 1987 and 1993, amirite?
If you want to survive in a horror movie- don't go off on your own, don't have sex with anybody, and don't be the black guy. amirite?

And don't shower.

I think the People's Republic of China should do away with their "one child only" law. It's causing too many female children to be aborted or abandoned after birth.

I'm not sure if abolishing the law alone would stop people from doing that. They need to put an importance on girls.

Selena Gomez is a much better role model than any other Disney Channel Star. amirite?

Something about Selena Gomez seems so...fake. She seems too "normal". She's either faking it for the cameras or she's just a really boring person.

sometimes i think that parent dont care wut u say and jst ignore u!!!! amirite?

Aww, is it hard being 12?