About me.

Hey there, creepers!

A little bit about me:
-I'm a bit nerdy... but aren't we all?
-I watch a lot of movies - pretty much any action/epic/comedy thing, like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc. Not Twilight though.
-I don't watch much TV - Survivor, Glee, Hellcats, History Channel, Family Guy, and Jeopardy occasionally.
-My iPod is like my lifeline. If I didn't have it, I just might drop dead.
-I don't post often because I don't have much to say.
-Also why I don't comment often. I just kinda lurk.
-I have an Easy Button from Staples. Do you?
-Swedish Fish are the best thing ever.
-I'm not very athletic. I love soccer, I just don't play it.
-I quote movies too often. Sorry.