If tomatoes have the same texture as biting an apple, that would make it similar to what a peach what taste like, amirite?
Putting "bitch" at the beginning of a statement is way more likely to be friendly compared to putting it at the end of a statement. amirite?

This is science, bitch

If everything in the universe is reused and recycled, our consciousness must be to. amirite?
Some people masturbate more than they brush their teeth. amirite?
There are thousands of insane parents not letting their kids leave the house. amirite?

These are also the thousands of insane Americans who hoarded all the toilet paper.

The jobs of many chefs and cooks would have been a lot easier if no one ever had taste buds and so no one could have ever differentiated the taste between an ice cream, a spicy gravy and a bitter medicine syrup... amirite?

I think people would shift from focusing on taste to solely focusing on texture

Deaf people must've been super happy when texting became a thing and even more happy when FaceTime became a thing, amirite?

I mean, TTY is pretty much OG texting..

One day you'll be exactly halfway through your life without ever realizing it, amirite?
Companies make billions off unused gift cards simply because gifting cash is considered tacky, amirite?

As far as I know, retail companies have to return money from unused gift cards to the state as unclaimed property!

If not for peanut butter, most people probably wouldn't be aware that their mouth even has a roof. amirite?

Shoutout to white bread

There's an infinite amount of potential people that don't exist yet, amirite?

Well considering eventually there will be the heat death of the universe there is a finite amount

It is a possibility that the human race might die out without ever finding a sign of another intelligent lifeform. amirite?
We usually tell people to have more confidence, but when they have too much, it's not good either. amirite?

I would disagree, but only due to semantics. Being overly confident leads to people being cocky and full of themselves, which is bad. But that doesn't always happen. Jut having tons of confidence isn't always bad

There are thousands of people we will never meet that could have ended up being great friends. People we could have made awesome memories with. amirite?

Or more like all the people you've smiled hello to but never had the casual chance to talk to