Once you hate someone, everything they do is offensive. "Look at this bitch, eating those fucking crackers like she owns the place!", amirite?
@lovesarah2982 Look at that slut! Walking around spreading STDs to everyone!

That seems like a legitimate reason to get mad at someone...

The sign that says "In Case of Fire, Do Not Use Elevator" is stupid. I mean seriously? Who would be dumb enough to try to put out a fire with an elevator. amirite?

Everyone knows you're supposed to put it out with stairs.

Worst job ever has to be the person that writes the Terms and Agreements. amirite?

I would have fun with it. I'd just slip something in there like "Microsoft now owns your soul."

It's weird to think that Jesus is buried somewhere in the earth right now, amirite?

OP doesn't know the book of Matthew has a surprise ending, does he?

That's weird. I didn't know 1 in 50 guys don't have a penis...

I thought they put thru to appeal to their uneducated customers

a t-Rex really would have hated push ups, amirite?

They're not that bad:P

I dare you to say that to Chris Kyle.

Politicians should have to wear patches like race car drivers, so we know who their corporate sponsors are, amirite?
@Favvkes [Politicians should] have to wear patches like race car [d]r[i]v[e]rs, so we know who their corporate sponsors are...

[P]olitici[a]ns should have [t]o wea[r] patches l[i]ke ra[c]e car drivers, so we [k]now who their corporate sponsors are, amirite?

OP is Patrick!!!!!! OMG

The people in horror movies are so stupid. If the killer askes you for last words the words to come out of your mouth should never be "fuck" and "you", it should be someting that makes the killer NOT want to kill you. Ex. "I give good head" or "I am your daughter", amirite?

I'd definitely go with, "If you kill me, you'll never be able to find the treasure!"

The concept of a black hole is an extremely scary thought, amirite?

Yeah, that's why I don't date black girls...

Orange juice with ice is one of the most refreshing drinks ever, amirite?

The only thing I like in my orange juice is vodka.

It pisses you off when an athlete holds out and refuses to practice because the team offered ONLY $40 million or something, amirite?

It doesn't really make me that upset. A lot of times, teams won't do the right thing and pay a guy who is playing at a higher level than his contract indicates. Think about it, an NFL running back has an average career span of four yours. That usually plays out to only two contracts for the guys entire career. If you only had that short of a window, you would do everything you could to ensure that you made enough money.

Any Atheist claiming to be truly Atheist and not Agnostic is just as closed minded as a religious person claiming they KNOW God exist. No you don't. Not a single one of you can honestly say that you KNOW a god does or does not exist. Personally I believe in god as much as I do in Santa. But I have no way of proving that he either does not exist and because of this I am forced to admit to myself that pure Atheism is inconceivable, amirite?
@Fanatic I truly believe in God because I've felt his presence. I don't think anyone can tell me that I'm wrong because they...

About the trinity, the best way I've heard it explained is they are like an egg. One is the yoke, one is the egg white, and one is the shell. They are all God in a way, but they are different; one is the creator, one is the savior, and one is a personal guide that fills you when you accept Christ. About the devil, the bible tells us that he was an angel. This means that his power is greater than a humans, but less than Gods.

I don't understand the opposition to the soda ban in NYC. Portion sizes have steadily increased in America for decades. Obesity and obesity related diseases have skyrocketed here in relation to that fact. But when someone steps in and attempts to remedy this that's an example of the government going too far? Come the fuck on Americans. Reducing portion sizes isn't the problem here. The fact that they ever even reached those sizes is the real atrocity, amirite?

I 100% oppose this ban. It's not the governments job to stop this at all. Just think, if the government has the power to do this, what's next? Limiting the portions of fatty foods? Reducing the size of alcoholic beverages you're allowed to serve? Any of these measures are completely unnecessary. If you're worried about taking in too many calories then stop eating so much.