I think stealing is using , without permission, the photo of a movie star or a celebrity as your avatar. I also think that those who do this, and complain of theft of a fake user name, and their friends who defend them, are hypocrites of the highest order. Just my thoughts. This is why I use an animated avatar.

Anybody can also go on a website and claim to be "the real so & so", which is a lie in itself, because there IS no real so & so. The names and avatars are FAKE no matter who uses it. Not real people. Characters only.

@Bingo449 It's still stealing, and stealing something REAL, leaving no room to complain about others stealing something fake...

My user name isn't stolen. While it's undergone several reincarnations since SodaHead, I can stll claim it as an original including my avatar.

Question: what about people who use their real names?

@Bingo449 I think stealing is using , without permission, the photo of a movie star or a celebrity as your avatar. I also...

Disagree. A distinction has to be made for users who are consistent with their user names and avatars from site to site. Maybe not so much the avatars but more so the user name.

@Bingo449 I think stealing is using , without permission, the photo of a movie star or a celebrity as your avatar. I also...

My avatar is my own handwriting using a Sharpie on a piece of poster board. Nobody can accuse me of stealing!! lol

@Bingo449 You joined 4 days ago. Even less time than me. What makes you such an authority? Point is, if the post is...

Seems like a lot of those complaints come from people who are blocked by or block those users in question, so why should they even care what that user does? If you block them, you shouldn't see what they post anymore, right? So why do they seem to know everything about what those users do?

I don't know why the mods don't ban users who repeatedly violate the rules. I reported two questions the other day from two different users because it was obvious they were targeting other users. Both questions were removed, but those users are still here, and they still seem to regularly break the rules.

Maybe because if everyone who posted a question that was a not-subtle attack on another user was banned, there'd be no users left.

I'm kinda late to the post, but I'll tell you what I do, if that helps.

  • I try to follow the rules, but if anything of mine gets deleted or muted, I ask the moderators in the messages if I broke any rules, and which one I broke, so I know not to do it again. Until now, they have been straightforward with me.

  • If someone tells me not to trust this person and that person, I'll thank them for the warning, and I'll decide for myself if I should trust them or not. There's history between members, some of it pretty ugly. I have people blocked who you might find nice people to get along. There's people who will say I'm not a nice person at all, and others who will say I'm quite nice. You don't have to pick a side, and if someone thinks you do, that's their problem, not yours. But I do think that you should never take the word of someone about others, because one guarantee I can give you: some people will lie about what happened and what they said or did - so you should see for yourself who is what around here.

@Bingo449 If it's "obvious" , then the post must be TRUE. Right?

It doesn't matter if it's true; you can't attack other users in your post. It doesn't matter how much you don't like that user.

Good idea..

Just speaking for myself.

If every time I came on this site...my time was filled with bickering and arguing with other people and being so petty as to holding grudges.

I could find more productive things to do.
Like watching an ice cube melt on the sidewalk.