It's pronounced Care-ah-mul...not Car-mul...amirite?

or car-a-mel

Hey Hindus, if reincarnation is true, how are there more people being born? Christians - 1 Hinduism - 0, amirite?

I wish I could just bake a cake full of rainbows and sunshine and we'd all eat it and be happy.

14 year old girls should not be virgins, amirite?

I'm 14, and want to stay a virgin until marriage. Not only is it very respectable, but it's the ultimate wedding present.
My sister's 20 and still hasn't kissed a guy. She's still waiting for the perfect guy, and doesn't want to waste her time on someone who she will not be with for more than a month.

Teen Virgins unite! :D

Eighty five percent of girls can't take a joke regarding gender, amirite?


Anthony probably leaves his computer for two minutes to take a piss and has like 148 new notifications on here when he gets back, amirite?
@anthony doesn't cuss, he's too nice for that

he screenshotted my ass on tinychat and wouldn't delete it when I asked him to. He's not too nice for THAT.

Sure America, Obama may be our first black president, but he is also our 44th white president. amirite?
@Amelia Ugh I know. It annoys me when Americans tell us off for doing day/month/year lol idiots, they're basically the...

I'm an American and I know the difference between English and British, and don't give a shit about how you guys write the dates or different words.
And fyi, I am not conceited or proud of my country. I am actually disgusted with it right now and want to get out of it.
And I hate McDonalds. It's so greasy and tasteless.

WASHINGTON is a state, WASHINGTON D.C. is a city, amirite?

Washington D.C. is NOT a city. It's a district. It was made a district and not a city or state so states couldn't fight over it.

14 year old girls should not be virgins, amirite?
@Its kind of ironic how you want to stay a virgin, yet your username is BitchWhore. Just saying.

BitchWhore is an inside joke. I'm not actually a bitch or a whore. Well, sometimes I'm a bitch, but I'm never a whore. ;D

The bible also says no haircuts, but I guess we're skipping that one. amirite?

That was for the Levite priests who had to keep themselves sanctified and clean from the world

Instead of donating their bodies to science when they die, people should donate them to the porn industry, amirite?
If Percy Jackson is dyslexic, how did he write the book, amirite?

Being dyslexic doesn't necessarily mean you can't write.

I have dyslexia and it only affects how I read things.

Guys: You were nervous the first time you licked a used tampon, amirite?

The comments make this post a million times better.

Miley Cyrus needs to realize that no matter how "grown up" she acts and dresses, she still has a large audience of young girls that want to be just like her. amirite?

The timing of this post is ironic

The Bible: Pics or it didn't happen, amirite?

lol i believe the Bible is historical fiction, because events and people from the bible have been proven (artifacts have been found), but the Jesus/God/Holy Spirit/Miracles/Devil thing sounds like a crackhead made it up.

Instead of donating their bodies to science when they die, people should donate them to the porn industry, amirite?
@Wooohooo I really hope you were joking...

Why would I joke about something as serious as necrophilia? d smilie