Evolutionists and Creationists: Why should either of you care what the other believes? Why should you get all offended because someone has a different explanation for the origin of species. Just don't get in eachothers face about the subject and we can all get along. amirite?

yawn something like this has been posted roughly a bazillion times. I'd suspect most of the arguments come about because creationists expect others to abide by their ridiculous and outdated system of morality, and basically condemn them when they don't. Most atheists and agnostics that I know have zero interest in arguing with religious people... mostly because we like rational debate, and faith is irrational. If religious people would stop trying to pass laws making everyone conform to their beliefs, we wouldn't care at all what they thought.

Guys: it's really awkward meating a girl for the first time, amirite?

I think meating someone would be awkward anytime; I just have visions of flinging handfuls of raw hamburger like snowballs...

stop freaken complementing me if you're not going to ask me out, amirite?

Haha, this post is actually more true if you consider it with the version of compliment/complement they used. I have a hard time believing they realized that, though.

Conservatives say that the government is "too big" and "interfering in people's personal lives" by taxing them and providing health care...but what is more invasive in people's personal lives than telling them whom they can and can't marry and whether or not they can get an abortion? amirite?

Conservatives LOVE government interference when it legislates morality... they LOVE making it illegal to do things only they think are "wrong". They only want the government to butt out when it limits big business from exploiting people and making more money at the expense of our environment.

I am curious to know the average age of people on this site. If you are older than the current vote, vote it up. If you are younger, vote it down. This'll be a good experiment, amirite?

Sitting at 13 now; can't say I'm suprised, although I would've guessed higher. Perhaps I shouldn't go by the average age of the people I most enjoy talking to.

Having sex in the shower isn't a good idea: it's hard to have sex standing up... And things shrink when it's cold in the bathroom. amirite?

Hot water cures shrinkage, and with a comfortably-sized shower, it can be very fun. Just because it takes a little practice doesn't mean you should give up on it ;D

we all have our own dream way of quiting a job, amirite?

"Fuck YOU, fuck YOU, fuck YOU... you're cool... and fuck YOU; I'm out!"

XD it's either that or the "who's coming with me?" LOL

When you see a user on this website who's an obvious troll, you usually think that he's an immature person without anything better to do, but what if they were a super genius with an IQ of 168, investigating the reactions and psychological response of the amirite users. amirite?

I disagree that all trolls are intelligent- however, some are, and sometimes I find them entertaining. HomoJimmy is my favorite right now xD

Why can't people just drink water in the ocean? There is a bunch of it out there!! Stupid people don't know the ocean is made up of one-trillion+ H20!! amirite?
If scientists require proof and evidence to support their theories before they become accepted, then why do atheists support science so much? Atheists blindly believe a theory without any proof or evidence and ridicule/dismiss anyone who disagrees, amirite?

Scrantoncity, you fucking moron, you didn't own shit. You've never won a single "debate" on this site yet. Your arguments never consist of anything but "because I(therefore god) says so" and "science lies"(even though there's ABSOLUTELY no reason for them to EVER do so, because it's directly counter to the whole point of science... a real scientist would rather prove something false that fake something true). Good thing the explanations that you offer people "require a minimal amount of intelligence to understand"; they're the only ones who buy it.

I swear, you're like the amirite train wreck; horrible, tragic, and no one's glad to see it... but we just... can't... look... away.

All posts on the just in page should be anonymous, until they get to the homepage, amirite?

I think that's a great idea. This site is never going to be more than a popularity contest, the way it is.

It's annoying how these days guys don't even care about personality. It's all about butts and boobs, and an average looking girl can be funny, smart, and really nice, but no one will care. It pisses you off, amirite?

Damn Toto, are you gonna follow all that ass-kissing with a blowjob? Just sayin... I can't remember the last time I saw someone on a dude's nuts like you've been on MaxMan's just now.

Dodgeball is actually pretty fun when you play with the soft foam balls, not the hard actual dodgeballs, amirite?

Dodgeballs aren't hard, you pussy. Seriously, the worst they can do is sting a bit unless you get it right in the nose. Foam balls fly for shit, and don't bounce. You fail at dodgeball.

It's weird that sluts say they would rather be sluts than prudes, when prudes say they'd rather be prude than slutty. Who's right, amirite?

How about, be a person and not a stereotype? Do what makes you happy, and whatever that is be classy about it and respect yourself. That's what's right.

We all know someone who consumes oxygen and produces carbon dioxide, amirite?

ono smilie
You guys should be ashamed of yourselves... since when do we homepage obvious posts? We're going to get another influx of "you're reading this post right now" and "the sky is blue" posts, dammit. How is this a freaking opinion?