People complain life is too short. Lllliiiiiiiiffffeeeeee. Problem solved, amirite?
You have a teacher that, despite high grades, still thinks you're an idiot, amirite?

My math teacher treats me like a piece of china, and assumes I have as much intelligence as one. It's just a service dog, Mr. Shwartz, my mind is fine.

If you are one of those naturally beautiful girls. No plastic surgery, or excessive makeup and sluttly clothes. But a naturally beautiful person, you really hate it. Everyone always stares. Guys either are too shy to even talk to you, or wont stop trying to pick you up. While girls hate you on sight. It's quite lonely, amirite?

It's a hard knock life? Do you know how many people would love to be in that situation? Those girls who hate on you for being beautiful and the guys who don't talk to
you aren't worth your time anyway. If I thought I was naturally beautiful like how you described I sure as hell wouldn't get upset about stuff like that.

Girls will leave stuff like a bra or underwear at a guys house to 'mark their territory'. Guys do the same thing, except they leave stuff like a son or a daughter, amirite?

Or like a million of them on her face...

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We are teenage girls. When we go home… Our perfect hair goes up into messy buns. Our makeup has faded or smudged so we take it off. The fake smile vanishes into how we really feel. Our brand new shirt changes into our favorite old sweater. Our skinny jeans are traded for sweat pants or pajamas. Our Uggs are taken off to reveal our fuzzy socks. When we go home… You wouldn't recognize us, ami... amirite?

I'm a girl. When I go out, my hair is never perfect and I don't care, I never wear any make up. I only smile when I feel like it. I rarely buy, let alone wear brand new shirts and I always wear the favorite sweaters. Hence the favorite part. Skinny jeans are torture devices meant to cut off the circulation in your legs, Uggs don't serve any purpose other than to be overpriced and impractical.

When I get home... I look exactly the freakin' same.

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A slut is not the girl who loses her virginity in a long term relationship; a slut is the girl who does a new guy every week. People really need to learn the difference, amirite?
@Amish_Allosaurus (Moo.): Yeah, I'm gonna buy an island or a no-longer-in-use off shore oil rig, then start a counrty on it...

Its pretty funny that you are talking about starting a christian nation dictated by christian laws yet welcoming other religions. Then its fucking hilarious that you would punish someone for taking away ones rights to fire arms, but you are sooo comfortable with taking away other peoples rights.

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A slut is not the girl who loses her virginity in a long term relationship; a slut is the girl who does a new guy every week. People really need to learn the difference, amirite?
Evolutionists and Creationists: Why should either of you care what the other believes? Why should you get all offended because someone has a different explanation for the origin of species. Just don't get in eachothers face about the subject and we can all get along. amirite?

Or you could all just join me in believing that Earth was created on Magrathea for the mice.

It's ridiculous that people are saying Sarah Palin "can't be held responsible" for a "deranged individual" taking her map with the gun icons seriously, while these are the same people that blame the artist any time someone watches/listens to something and then does something stupid- as if they should have more social responsibility than a politician, amirite?
Women are like parking spots, The good ones are taken, and the rest are disabled. amirite?

Still hilarious

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