About me.

I don’t belong to a large or popular group.
I’m not a nerd.
I don’t follow anything devotedly.
I’m not a jock.
I’m not massively intellectual, I mainly have a strong sense of common sense that transfers over to some schoolwork.
But to those I know, I always have to be the cheerful guy; the one people tell their problems to. I have to remain the stable one that will always do what he can to help those around him, even if he knows they’ll just ignore him later.
I base most things I do on what people around me do, and can never be the first to do anything.
I don’t like to partake in illegal activities which I feel doing so, could make me popular from the sheer amount of people who know me. Yet, I find it hard to compromise my rigid internal moral values which alert me to the fact I’m missing out on fun, but can never do anything about it.
The days blend into each other, just one more preset period of time before I can finish school and hopefully start fresh, while still knowing that I am still going to be the same person I am now.
And after all this, I still have to force myself up in the morning to walk outside and try to be the stoic one who can solve everyone’s fucking problems because after all, apparently,
I’m the fucking stable one.