Someone should have told Ariel that she doesn't need a voice to whisper, amirite?

i'm more concerned with her illiteracy problem...

<-- (look to your left) that is your weapon in the zombie apocalypse, amirite?

a pair of shorts. seriously? im i supposed to get close enough to them to suffocate them? and i live beside a graveyard. im f.u.c.k.e.d.

You feel bad for Velma. Daphne and Freddy have each other. Scooby and Shaggy have each other. Poor Velma doesn't have anyone. Amirite?

Doesn't she take off the mask of the bad guy? She has that brief shining moment :)

You want to be chased by an alligator or something else intense to happen just to be able to say "Yeah i was chased by an alligator.", amirite?

well as long as i was able to outrun said alligator...

I'm 14 and I should be able to stay out until 12 AM, amirite?

What would you be doing out at 12am? It's way past your bedtime. And no one wants to see bratty 14year olds out that late

SOHCAHTOA, amirite?

One of the funniest maths classes I've ever had was about SOHCAHTOA. Go you! :)

It would be great if people were addicted to good things, like being nice or opening doors for other people, amirite?

It's such a rush :D

in soviet russia, air draws on sharpie. :)

People say my jokes are too lame and corny. But when I write a corny joke book and make millions off of it, who will be laughing then? People... because they will be reading my book, amirite?

Hahaha thats brilliant!! Id buy the book, no one gets my jokes either...because i don't send them! Yeah that was my awful attempt at a joke

Ever since the Spongebob Movie came out, the new episodes aren't as funny as the old. amirite?

I think it's a shame they didn't make more use of the Patty Wagon. That was pure gold.

I bet...Justin Beiber only wrote songs about love because he knew EVERY 13 year old girl in America would buy his music...maybe he's not gay, but really smart? Amirite?

Smart? You do know that he didn't know what the word "German" meant, right??

There is a difference between "love you" and "i love you" amirite?

the main difference being the lowercase "i", I believe.

one of the worst responses to "i love you" is thankyou amirite?

I just don't think it's the worst. At least it's polite!! :)

Furbies are creepy, amirite?

Ever had it go off in the middle of the night? Scares the shit outta you! :)

Sometimes you wonder what you would look like if you were the opposite gender, amirite?

i gave myself a mascara beard. i looked good. :)