Gullible has three L's, amirite?

So it do- ...ahhh you stole my lungs.

It's somewhat humorous that as kids we believed a low wattage light bulb would provide protection from flesh-eating monsters while we sleep, amirite?

I used to have a lantern light that had 4 sides and the opposite sides were the same color. It had 2 red sides and 2 blue sides. I always switched so the blue light was cast upon the majority my room (I had it in a corner). The red light was too eerie for me. It didn't help that I watched horror films as a young child despite the fact they scared the bejeezus out of me.

The only books that have commercials are bad books, amirite?

At first I imagined a book that interrupts your reading to show you an ad and I was about to agree, because eff that.

Just because someone has cancer does not automatically make them "beautiful", at least aesthetically. Just because someone is in a gay relationship does not automatically make them in love. Someone with a disability is not automatically a better person than someone who is able. Facebook groups promoting these ideas need to shut the fuck up, amirite?

Why not west? WHY NOT WEST????

The worst thing that can happen when you ask out a girl is NOT that she will say no; she could slap you, kick you in the balls, and charge you for sexual harassment, amirite?

Confidence booster... wary smilie

Mothers: You sometimes wonder why your son needs to blow his nose so much more often than your daughter, amirite?

He snorts more cocaine.

Cannibalism is kind of endearing, amirite?
Amirite have some very weird advertisements, amirite?
It's weird to think that love is nothing more than a chemical reaction in the brain designed to help us find the one person that will provide us with the most productive offspring. amirite?

Humanity is cocky and likes to think that it has the answers for everything, since we are the only ones we know of that understand science.

But we aren't gods - we can't explain everything, and I don't think love (one of nature's most POWERFUL forces) can be fully explained.

Just because we can only see part of something doesn't mean that that's all it is. Love goes beyond just chemical reactions. Its far more beautiful and extraordinary than that, and calling it just "a chemical reaction" makes me sick to the stomach. And I don't think science is anywhere close to explaining why people die for one-another in the name of love :O

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You like/are used to the new Amirite layout by now. Amirite?

I agree with a lot if what Bob said above, but for an odd reason I found I could tolerate the new site on my computer background with the wood background. I dunno, it was strange. I really like he touch site now, I think it looks much better, an you can see who voted which way an suggests post for POTD. I agree with Bob that the whole thing is just to big, and awkward to read. The transparent background makes things seem less professional before hand I felt that the post could be either serious or funny, but for some reason I feel like the new post format takes away from that and I tend to take posts less seriously. I don't comment a whole lot so I'm not bothered by the new system but I understand both users and Anthony's reasonings behind it. I don't line that I can't see how many people votes up or down on a certain comment, but you can only see the total.
Also, I don't know if it's my iPod, but it seems that my typing lags, which is really really really frustrating and if only one thing were to change I would ask that it be that.

You like/are used to the new Amirite layout by now. Amirite?

The commenting system can go die in a fire....

There are 4 types of female orgasms: the positive orgasm, "Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!", the negative orgasm: "Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!", the religious orgasm: "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" and the fake orgasm: "Oh Anthony! Oh Anthony! Oh Anthony!", amirite?

Every time I see someone like or share a post that claims it will help the person in the picture, I want to find the OP and mail an angry grizzly bear to their residence. It's so fucking stupid and I don't know who I dislike more: The original posters, who if you look at their profiles you'd see that fishing for attention is the ONLY thing they do, or the gullible assholes who share or like that stuff because they think it'll actually make a difference.