About me.

I really like bendy straws. Like, it's kinda weird.
I love anyone and everyone I meet. Unless you like justin beiber or something disturbing like that. In that case, you are not worthy of being in my presence.. Seriously.
I love people who know how to properly use sarcasm.
Favorite color's clear. ;)
Music is my life. I sing, play the keyboard, etc.
I love Jesus. Yes, I do. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. He saved my life and I could never thank Him enough.
Perry the Platypus = love of my life.
Me and my amirite bestfriend, gommy2bear, are a part of the group Amazingly Awesome Evil Bodacious Bears. We're planning on taking over the world..
Kate? Oh y'know, she's just incredibly, undeniably, unbelievably intense. It is infathomable.
I love the word intense. It's intense.
I believe that there is always a reason to smile. It can be really hard to find the reason sometimes, but it's always there.
"Life is 10% of what happens to you, and 90% of how you respond to it. "
^ I live my life by that. It changes everything.
Anddd, I will leave you with my favorite quote. 'Cause it's just that good.
"Excellence is the result of carrying more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical, and expecting more than others think is possible."